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The Baboons are unnamed group of good but misunderstood baboons from Disney's 1999 animated film Tarzan, minor characters in the video game, and one of the recurring characters in The Legend of Tarzan. They seemingly appeared as hostile antagonists, but they later reform and help Tarzan and his animal friends in saving the gorillas from Clayton's Men. They also appeared in the video game, and the television show, The Legend of Tarzan.

They were voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. 


The main reason of their antagonistic behavior in their debut was due to them unintentionally provoked by Jane when they believed that she harmed their child, who is goofing around with her belongings and is scolded by the latter. Their child's cries led to a disastrous misunderstanding where in a fit of rage, the baboons chase down Jane until Tarzan interfered. After the considerably long chase, many of them were knocked out by the forest's terrains while the rest eventually stands down after Tarzan talked them over this misunderstanding, finally calmed the baboons down which allow them to let Jane go.

Their child later called the whole horde of her family to aid Tarzan and his allies to free all of Tarzan's gorilla clan members where they had a high count of knocked out minions of Clayton, proving themselves to be the great assets for the heroes. Since then, the tension between the baboons and the heroes lessen to none.


A fierce but noble race, The Baboon troop are typical wild animals, driven by instinct and will do anything to survive and breed. This includes driving off any threat to their offspring. The true embodiment of neutral, they usually keep to themselves and are mostly peaceful. When they saw Jane upset their baby, they assumed she was a threat, and attempted to eliminate her to ensure she won't hurt or kill any more of their infants. However, the presence of a threat they cannot fight alone will have them set aside their differences and team up with and even kindly help other species, namely Tarzan and his animal friends to save the gorillas from Clayton's poachers.


  • The Baboons look very simular to Rafiki from The Lion King, who also has traits of both baboons and mandrills. Not surprisingly, they came from related, if not exact same species with Rafiki.
  • The Baboons do not appear in the sequel.


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