Baby Head (also known as Hoover in Japanese version, Baby Commando in the character select screen or just shortly Baby) is one of the 4 main playable characters occurring in the futuristic beat 'em up video game, Captain Commando. Following the canon of the game, he is a super genius baby who pilots a robot of his own design, which is both strong and quick and used for fighting. He also has various roles along in other appearances of crossover games: Marvel vs. Capcom series as a summoning character along with all members of Commando Team while performing 2 hyper combos, Capcom World 2 as a cameo appearance, SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters series as a card, Namco X Capcom as an ally, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom as seen in the actual ending of PTX-40A and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as he's with Commando Team in Heroes & Heralds card.

Powers and Abilities

His special skill is his "Knee Rocket" to launch a missile out from his big robot's knee, which constantly manufactured within it. His dash attacks are a strong knuckle that spins around like a drill called "Rolling Punch" and "Elbow Smash" used for crush an enemy under its elbow blow while jumping. As for throwing, he can grab his foes and go either a knee crusher, "Pile-Driver" or "Fling-Away".

For other features, Baby Head used the "Talking Machine" to resemble an infant pacifier and learns him how to communicate the 3 million dialects of the cosmic times, the "Stable Cradle" is for keeping the robot from rocking (no matter how the the equipment is titled), the "Silverfist Vehicle" 12, 000 horsepower, 582 kilograms or 1280.4 pounds of body weight and mounts the control that is fuzzy-logic, the missile production facility built inside its leg is "Rocket Launcher" as in the Silverfist Vehicle and is nicknamed by his friends "Baby Carriage" and the "Jet Hover" for using a high-speed position shifting.



  • Bon Bonne from the Mega Man Legends series has a way similar design to Baby Head himself.
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