Tyke, also referred to as Apricot Luma, Baby Luma, Young Master Luma or simply Luma, is the deuteragonist of the games Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is Rosalina's first adoptive son.


As chronicled in Rosalina's storybook, Luma was first met by a young Rosalina near a rusted spaceship; he explained to her that he was awaiting his mother, who was coming for him on a comet. Rosalina promised to wait with him, and the two eventually repaired the spaceship with the intent of using it to search for her themselves. As the pair traveled through the cosmos, they came across a comet made of ice and, though there was no sign of Luma's mother, decided to remain on it as they continued their search. One night, after dreaming of her own mother leaving her, Rosalina took Luma in her arms and adopted him as her own son, promising to take care of him herself from then on.

Using materials they found frozen beneath the comet's ice, Rosalina and Luma constructed a house for themselves. Following the arrival of more of his kind from a nearby planet, Luma began to fight with them over Rosalina, who proceeded to welcome them into her new home and give names to them all. Some time later, when reminded of her former home and family, Rosalina became saddened once more - to cheer her up, Luma reminded her that her mother would always be a part of her and transformed into the Comet Observatory, so that she would have a way of visiting her home planet every 100 years.


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