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Badger is a supporting character in Breaking Bad, the deuteragonist of Breaking Bad: Original Minisodes, and the tritagonist of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

When he saw one of his best friends, Jesse Pinkman he can to help him make drugs because he's addicted to drugs. When he was obsess about the drugs he was fighting with Jesse and Jesse kicked him out. Badger asked a secret officer that he's wearing a wire and the officer tricked him real good. Jesse and Walter were his and Skinny Pete's bosses before Badger went to jail and in one of those Minisodes Saul helped Badger escape from prison so Walter and Jesse can finish their drug business. When to went to Jesse's house it was a loud speaker and he, Skinny Pete, and Jesse threw a great party and right after that he and Skinny Pete decided to take a break because Badger has to free his cat and Skinny Pete has to help someone.

When he visited Jessie's house some more he and Skinny Pete are saying a bunch of crazy stuff because they were too high. Despite he was trying to find some help to get off drugs he was still to addicted to that drug and his best friend Skinny Pete was addicted too and he, Skinny Pete and Jesse were using the people that were trying find some help to turn them into drug dealers and that was very villainous for them to do that. He still plays video games with Skinny Pete every time their take a break from hanging out with his other best friend Jesse. When Saul helped Badger escape from prison Saul did not get caught at all because Saul is crazy smart and crazy great with his dirty lawyer job. When he was playing video games with Skinny Pete he just found a extremely hairy Jesse and took care of him because they want Jesse to get back on his feet.

He and Skinny Pete tugged Jesse with their blanket Jessie was sleeping very peacefully. When Jesse pointed him and Skinny Pete with a gun because he was tortured and treated very poorly for a year and Badger told him It's us also because Badger said that Jesse remembered their looks and voices so that was the main reason why he remembered his friends so quickly. They gave him food. they were testing the car because they want to make sure the car they were using might work for Jesse.


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