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Bailey is the titular main protagonist of both A Dogs Purpose and it’s sequel A Dogs Journey.


Toby is born in a ditch. He lives in the wild until he is captured by some humans who then took him to a puppy orphanage. There, the woman in charge named him Toby and occasionally gives him a pat behind the ears. However, the animal control arrives, says the people have too many dogs in poor conditions, and takes the dogs all away to gas them.

Toby died at the very beginning.

The dog is soon reincarnated as a different dog, but with all his memories from his first brief life intact. This time, he is born to a dog breeder. He has food and water, but he refused to be in a cage. So he escaped, opening the cage door and running away. A nice man picks up the dog to take him home with him. He puts him in his truck but leaves the dog there when he stopped for an unknown reason. The dog sits in the truck with the windows up. The day became hotter.

A rock flied through the window. A woman has smashed the glass to rescue the puppy. She takes the dog home and gives him to her son, Ethan, who names the dog Bailey. They become the bestest of friends.

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