Odette, you're a wonderful dancer. You should go to the village dances with your sister.
~ The baker admiring Odette's dancing.

The Baker is a supporting character in the 2003 animated film, Barbie of Swan Lake. He is the father of Odette and Marie, and he is a talented baker. He is voiced by Garry Chalk.


The baker recognized that Odette was a talented dancer and suggested she go out dancing with Marie. He cares a lot for Odette, and went searching for her when she went missing. He was also friendly with Prince Daniel, and was happy about him and Odette getting married, even though he'd only known Odette for two days.

Physical Appearance

He has light skin, green eyes, and gray hair, which is pulled back into a ponytail. He wore gray shirt and scarf, a brown waistcoat and pants, gray socks, and brown shoes. While baking, he also wore a hat and apron.


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