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Bakumaru is the main protagonist, a mouse and the leader of the Eto Rangers. His Eto Ranger designation is 1 because he came in first in the race that decided who would become Eto Rangers.


Bakumaru is drives by a strong sense of justice and heroism, having accepted his duty as an Eto Ranger. He can get pretty reckless, such as charging straight into battles that he can't win himself. He can also be egostical, sometimes believing he does all the work, but he still remains a nice person at heart.

Bakumaru originally had ailurophobia (fear of cats, which makes sense because he was a mouse). When he first encountered Genen (a cat), he literally fainted while standing. However, in Episode 21, Gao helped him get over his fear and Bakumaru was able to confront the enemy. 

Powers and Abilities

Bakumaru is a skilled fighter, skillfully dodging attacks and even using the enemies' heads as stepping stones to defeat them in Episode 2.

However, Bakumaru's main fighting style is using his lightsaber (which he got from Momotaro's Novel World in Episode 2). He has developed many techniques such as the Reckless Cut attack, which he spins his lightsaber like a fan to deflect enemy attacks.

A final attack he developed in Episode 21, the Killer Hurricane, involves Bakumaru spinning like a ball to deliver a slash to the opponents.

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