The Ballerina is the secondary protagonist in the fairytale of The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen. The Tin Soldier falls in love with her thinking she has one leg. However, the Ballerina reveals she has two legs but accepts the Tin Soilder for only having one. Out of jealousy the Jack-In-the-Box throws the Tin Soldier out the window and imprisons the Ballerina in a glass cup. She is later released but the Ballerina is not flatter by the Jack-In-the-Box. The Tin Soldier later returns to the toy room. After one final battle between the Tin Soldier and the Jack-In-the-Box the Ballerina reunites with the Tin Soldier.


The Ballerina is the paramount definition of grace and elegance. A kind-hearted, open-minded and sweet-natured individual, she grows to care for the Tin Soldier for his generosity and caring nature, as opposed to the lustful advances of the Jack-in-the-Box. She is grief-stricken by the former's apparent demise and continues to defiantly rebuff the latter's attempts to woo her, remaining strong in the face of his envious aggression. When the hero returns, she is happy and the two embrace with great romantic love and passion.


After nightfall in a work room of a toy shop, the Ballerina comes to life and begins to dance. A nearby Jack-in-the-Box finds himself attracted to the Ballerina and begins to pursue her until the neighboring tin soldiers come to life and patrol the room. One of the soldiers (with a broken leg) catches sight of the Ballerina with her leg up and believes her to be disabled, as well. He offers her a rose until he notices her second leg, disappointed. The Ballerina nevertheless accepts his gesture and the two fall in love. The jealous Jack-in-the-Box attacks the Tin Soldier and traps the Ballerina in a glass cup. From under the glass, the Ballerina watches helplessly as the Jack-in-the-Box first tries throwing some blocks at the Tin Soldier in order to knock him out of the window, only to have the hero knock one back at him. This dislodges the Jack-in-the Box's hat and reveals his bald spot, much to the Ballerina's amusement. However, when the Jack-in-the-Box tosses a wooden boat at his opponent, the Tin Soldier falls out of the shop's window, leaving the Ballerina in the grasp of the Jack-in-the-Box. The Tin Soldier returns the following night and fights off the Jack-in-the-Box, who accidentally stumbles into the fireplace, to his death. The Tin Soldier and Ballerina reunite and victoriously proclaim their love.


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