Balthazar is the tritagonist in the 2002 film, The Scorpion King. He is the king of the Nubian people around 3077 B.C.

He was portrayed by the late Michael Clarke Duncan.


The warlord Memnon sent a large army into the known world and destroyed the resistance like them, but for a group of insurgents led by King Ur, Pheron, he called for a meeting with the last remaining tribes against the progress of the doormen.

Among the leaders of these tribes, there is the Nubian king Balthazar, who ridiculed the concept of the death of the sorcerer of the Pheron's notions, which would make the peasant vulnerable. Baltazar and other tribal leaders learned that the three Akkadian mercenaries will be given the task of murdering Memnon's wizard, which is an idea of Baltazar's dissatisfaction. Despite his dissatisfaction, Balthazar accepted the mercenary as a means of Memnon's fall.

In years later, Balthazar's daughter sought Mathayus to help save Nubia. She revealed that Baltazar had told her about the legendary Scorpion King, and if they were invaded, they would take the army to help Nubia. His daughter regrets that Balthazar is dead now, but he can't live for long. When he heard the death of his old friend, Mathayus was very upset.


  • Balthazar's namesake is derived of a character from William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.


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