Bamse is the protagonist from the swedish cartoons created by Rune Andréasson. He is a brown bear who becomes "the worlds strongest bear" after eating Thunder Honey (Dunderhonung in swedish) made by his grandmother. Every one (Besides his daughter Nalle-Maja and Brumma and his pet bee Surre) gets stomach ache for three days if they eat it. Bamse is married to Brummelisa and have four children with her; Nalle-Maja, Teddy, Brum (who are triplets) and the youngest being Brumma. They're living in a house made of stone at the Hills (Kullarna in swedish). His best friends are Lille Skutt and Skalman.

He is voiced by Peter Haber who also portrayed Martin Beck in the current Beck movies.


Bamse is a kind and caring bear who does not like to fight, though he has to stop criminals or super natural beings like witches through help by others in case thunder honey does not work against magic or fire. He is very helpful and will support others having problems or risking his life trying stopping an volcano eruption using all his strength to push the boulder in the crater while Little-Hop helps Mickelina and her father getting her mother out.

When it comes to bad guys after he overwhelms them, he will often tell them off to try make them reform.


  • Superhuman strength: Bamse gets it when he eats thunderhoney, he gets strong enough to carry an whole boat or huge boulders with his bare hands. This ability only he, his daughters Brumma and Nalle-Maja and his pet bee Surre can get.
  • Enhanced durability and stamina: Being enpowered by thunder honey he also gets mounts of stamina and durability a normal person would not have. He can catch cannon shots with his bare hands and take down a whole gang of bad guys without breaking a sweat.
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