Bandersnatch is a supporting character from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland who first appeared in the novel. She is a giant dog-like beast that starts out as an antagonist but later on joins Alice when she gives her back her eye. She reappears in the sequel Alice Through The Looking Glass.



Although Bandersnatch doesn't appear in the book, it is described as a swift moving creature. It is given an expanded neck and fearsome jaws.

1951 film

Bandersnatch is not seen in the film, but is mentioned in the deleted song Beware the Jabberwock.

2010 film

Bandersnatch is a creature who started to attack Alice when the dormouse stabbed her leg with her small cutlass. It is sent by the Red Queen. The dormouse stabbed its eye and is locked in the castle. Bandersnatch reforms by putting her eyeball back when Alice does so. She later appears in the White Queen's army fighting the cards. It later reforms when the Red Queen is arrested.

Other media

Disney Universe

Bandersnatch is the only character besides Red Queen in the second world (Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland). It guards the pathway to the final battle and can annoy the player. The player must give back its eyeball to pass it.


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