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Barazō Mankanshoku

Barazō Mankanshoku (満艦飾 薔薇蔵 Mankanshoku Barazō) is the father of Mako Mankanshoku and one of the main characters of Kill la Kill.

He is voiced in Japanese by Ken'yū Horiuchi and in English by Michael Sorich.


Barazō is a tall, overweight man with a rather slick-back brown hair, thick eyebrows, and brown eyes. Generally, he is seen wearing a tan jacket with a white shirt and a black tie along with a pair of salmon color shorts with blue stripes, and a pair of white slippers.


Barazō is a very loose, cheerful and slightly perverted man. Being a back-ally doctor, he jokingly states that he killed more people than he saved and does not worry about it. He loves to eat large portions of food; talking with a mouth-full of it during dinner conversations.


Barazō Mankanshoku is the patriarch of the Mankanshoku Family. He works as a back-alley doctor though it is claimed that he has killed more patients than he had tried to save.


I've got two questions. Are the girls still alive?... Question two! Is the festival gonna be catered?
~ In response to Ira Gamagōri's demand that the Mankanshoku family atone for Ryūko and Mako's traitorous behavior.

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