Barbara Kean is Jim's on & off fiancée and a secondary antagonist turned anti-heroine in the TV series Gotham. Intending to take over Gotham, Barbara's true colors are revealed in the fifth season in which she reforms and joins Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne against The Penguin. She is a supporting protagonist until she becomes unstable in the first season, a supporting antagonist in the second season, one of the main antagonists of the third season, a character and major antagonist in the fourth season, and then she finally becomes the tritagonist of the fifth season.


As a villain

At the end of the first season, it is revealed that she is truly mentally unstable, and after an encounter with the dangerous serial killer known as The Ogre, where he tortured, and brainwashed her. It causes her to completely lose her grip on sanity. She is sent to Arkham Asylum but is busted out by Theo Galavan who plans for her to become a member of the Maniax. After Jerome's death, Barbara became rather aggressive towards Jim Gordon and started torturing both him and Lee Thompkins, though she eventually got out of the screen on episode 8 where she fell from the top of the Gotham Cathedral, barely surviving.

As a hero

After Jeremiah Valeska tears Gotham apart and turn the city into a no man's land, Barbara and Tabitha team up to protect their own feminine turf. Barbara tries to deal with Oswald/The Penguin, as she wants to protect her woman and keep Tabitha alive. She however realizes that Penguin and Tabitha had a rough fight, and  that Penguin killed her partner and best friend. Barbara tried to shoot Penguin but was shot first. Penguin tried to shoot Barbara in the head, but Jim managed to shoot Oswald in the leg, thus saving her life and setting her free from Penguin's wrath. She later saved Jim from Sykes, who was about to kill him. She also asked Jim to help her save the city by killing Penguin. Jim however teamed up with Penguin to find the one who bombed up Haven. However, after Penguin was revealed to be the bomber and Jim's men, who did not realize the truth or hear it, have sided with The Penguin, Barbara comes and kisses Gordon to encourage him.

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