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Barkk is one of the supporting character from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, and the kwami that is connected to the Dog Miraculous.


She is a small dog-like creature with light brown and gray eyes.


It shows that even that Barkk has a strong will. She is has a good personality otherwise no one would has follow her suggestion. She has to be the one to make hard decisions to ensure the safety of the rest of the group. 

It is shown that Barkk is supportive of helping on making a connection with Nooroo.


Like all kwamis, Barkk can fly, levitate, phase through solid objects, and carry things that are bigger than her.

Barkk can transform the holder of her Miraculous into a dog-themed superhero by going inside their Miraculous.

As a kwami, Barkk gives the wearer the power of and transforms them into a dog-themed superhero by entering the Dog Miraculous. Although unable to communicate to the wearer while they are transformed, Barkk usually knows what is going on during that time. Whenever the wearer uses Unknown powers, Barkk begins losing power and eventually can't retain the transformation any longer, leaving the collar necklace and reverting the wearer back to normal. Barkk is exhausted and out of energy afterwards, so to be able to transform the wearer again, she must refuel by eating food.


Thousands of years prior to the series, Barkk and the other Kwamis traveled the universe, unable to interact with any creatures, particularly humans. This was until a mage forged the Miraculouses, so Barkk and the others could both interact with mankind and grant them the ability to transform into heroes; Barkk and the Dog Miraculous able to give a person the ability to grant other people superpowers.

In the episode of Sandboy, everyone of the kwamis don't want Nooroo feel lonely on his birthday, especially when he is a prisoner of Hawkmoth. When Hawkmoth try to find them. Stompp suggest they try to find out where Hawkmoth is. This almost causes for Hawkmoth to find them and know they are the right bank of the seine river.

When all the kawmis where trying to fight Hawkmoth's will but, unable too Barkk is the one who cuts of the connection making some gesture with his paws and the rest follow Barkk. Soon everyone is not under Hawkmoth's control.


Season 2

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  • On the French Calendar of Miraculous, it's confirmed that Sabrina will have Dog Miraculous, it is wasn't confirmed until French Calendar and it was a popular theory for fans.


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