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Sharpfin (SuperChargers).png

Baron Sharpfin is the baron of Motleyville and one of the supporting characters in Skylanders: SWAP Force. He is voiced by Dave B. Mitchell who also voices the Skylander Chopper.


Despite his untrustworthy disposition, Sharpfin is willing to help those in need if they helped him greatly in return, for a price. He also doesn't participate in hard labor since he has his companions to do that sort of work.

In SuperChargers, Sharpfin gained a more loyal personality, willing to risk his life to save his friends.


Skylanders: Swap Force

Sometime before the Skylanders' arrival in Motleyville, Sharpfin was imprisoned by a minion of Kaos named Baron von Shellshock, and the town was taken over by his forces. After being freed, he tasked the Skylanders to rid his town of Shellshock. Once they did the deed, Sharpfin agreed to help them on their adventure by transporting them to their destinations with his airship.

When the Skylanders defeated Kaos and his mother, Sharpfin mentioned about sticking around to help out against Kaos' remaining forces in the Cloudbreak Islands, thinking that there might be profit in doing good deeds.

Rift into Overdrive

While searching for Kaos at the ruins of his abandoned fortress, Sharpfin, Cali, Stealth Elf, Fling Kong and Head Rush were ambushed by Dark Drow. The encounter turned grim, when Count Moneybone arrived to retrieve his minions in time for Kaos to open a dangerous rift that pulled Sharpfin and his crew towards it. They managed to make it back to the Skylanders Academy, but not without sustaining injuries during the escape.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Sharpfin now works as the Skylander Academy's head mechanic. He is assisted by Fender, Socket & Clyde who work as Sharpfin's pit crew.



Sharpfin is aware of Tessa's small animosity towards him. According to him, she is mad at Sharpfin because the blue dirt shark ate her enchilladas.


During the course of their journey, Sharpfin developed a friendship with Flynn, even finding himself willing to help others without expecting a reward in return. He, along with his dirt shark companions, even upgraded Flynn's ship after it was severely damaged earlier in the story.


  • (to Darkness taken away the Kaos' powers) NO TAKEN AWAY FOR YOU, OR I WLL KILL THE DARKNESS!




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