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The story of Barry Allen from The 1990 Arrowverse.


Barry Allen was born to Henry and Nora Allen in Central City. He had an older brother, Jay. Growing up, Barry felt he was constantly coming second place, never able to escape the shadow of his father and brother. As a result, Barry had a difficult relationship with Henry but was very close with Jay.

In his youth, Barry was interested in archaeology, and even took up a job at a museum under the guidance of Ted Preminger. Preminger became a mentor and father figure to Barry until the latter switched to studying police science. Afterwards, Preminger cut Barry out of his life.

Before the age of 19, Barry became the first in his family to attend college.

Becoming the Flash

Barry was working in the CCPD lab one night after Julio Mendez left the lab, a violent storm happened and he was accidentally struck by lighting, putting him in a coma for few hours. Later in a hospital, Barry woke up completely safe, wondered about his life when he realized how close he was to die. Later at a dinner with Iris West, Barry and Iris talked about themselves but Barry wanted to return to the lab, which disappointed Iris. At CCPD, Barry received a call from the doctor, who revealed that tests showed some kind of cell damage and recommended Barry to make a check up at S.T.A.R. Labs but he declined knowing their bad reputation. Later Barry realized that he has speed but that makes him eat a lot, which frightens his dog Earl. Later, Barry checked his messages and realized he had missed a call from Iris who wondered where he was since he was supposed to help her setting up an exhibit at the gallery. Barry ran out to catch a bus but, going too fast, he ended up in the beach's water before passing out. After waking up, realizing that he had slept, he called Iris to apologize but failed to convince her that he had run "30 miles". Back at home he got a call from Tina McGee, and agreed to meet her the following morning at 50 Garrick Ave. Inside S.T.A.R. Labs, Tina made Barry run on a treadmill but, because he went too fast, it blew up. As Barry was hungry, they both went out to eat but Barry realized that he consumed a ton of food, revealing that his body is burning too many calories, which makes him wonder if he is aging prematurely. McGee asked him to keep his identity a secret since the last time S.T.A.R. Labs discovered something, it costed her husband's life. That night, Iris came to his place and Barry tried to clean up the mess but by doing so, his shoes melted and made stains all over his apartment. When Iris arrived, she announced that she doesn't want to see him anymore. The next day, Barry wore a red "Soviet prototype deep-sea suit" to regulate his body temperature and allow him to run as fast as he can without burning his clothes. Using this suit, he managed to reach the speed of sound. When Barry goes back to the lab, Julio revealed that the sample that he found belongs to Nicholas Pike, whom Barry recognizes as Jay's ex-partner. Realizing that his brother is actually on the same Highway, he figured out that it's a trap and ran to save him but when he arrived, Jay is already dead and the Dark Riders escaped. The next day, Barry and his father were at Jay's funerals and argued about how Barry is trying to go after after Pike himself but his father disagreed and tried to dissuade him to go after him. Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, he asked Tina to add a hood to the suit so that he can conceal his identity and bring Pike to justice. He then decided to add an emblem on the chest that Pike would fear. The following night, Barry attacked the gang and sabotaged their chemicals convoys but after taking out all the bikers, one of them managed to stab him in the leg and Barry had to avoid the police and meet some of his colleagues that brought him home, where Tina met him. At the lab, he found out that a sample from the crime scene originated from a unique place. Barry, as his alter ego, managed to get in their lair and found Jay's badge along with a plan that would break out the gang from prison. He later went to Cooper's office to explain that the Dark Riders will try to break out their friends in prison. Once a unit had been sent to stop the break out, Barry goes to his car but before he could wore the suit, he passed out due to his metabolism. Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry woke up and got mad at Tina since he was supposed to be stopping Pike instead of be treated like if he was Tina's husband. At the prison, Barry toke out the inmate on the roof and put tear gas in all air conducts to force all inmate surrender. In the sewer, Barry confronted Pike but his metabolism, started to cause pain witch gave Pike the opportunity to beat him. When Pike tough that he was done with him, Barry got up and confronted him one last time and start to beat up Pike? Barry than created a tornado by running all around Pike to make him and shock him trough the prison power plant before tiding him up. After that Pike was arrested, Barry apologized to Tina for being mad at her and accept to figured out how to stop his metabolism for being a serious problem. The next morning, at the Allen house, instead of eating breakfast to celebrate Pike's arrest, Barry went outside with Shawn and told him stories about Jay in different situation of his life and Barry gave Shawn Jay's silver medal.

Fighting crime as the Flash

The next week, Father Michael a priest and friend of Jay shows up at CCPD and ask him to investigate the disappearance of homeless but but Lt. Garfield disagree since he doesn't have the man power and can't start an investigation on a rumor. He later goes to an exposition of Carl Tanner but when they come to know each other, Barry question Carl's morality on his science since he must have some test subject to experience his work. Before their start to argue, Tina suggest to go home and Carl propose to bring her home leaving Barry at the exposition. The next day, at the lab, Julio gives a letter from Iris to Barry but since Barry agree that they will never get back, Julio burn the letter and ask how was the lecture from yesterday with Tina where Barry reveals that they are just friends and nothing more before being interrupted by a group of homeless who started a riot to give justice to the missing one but as one of them took a gun, Barry uses his speed to disarm him and the priest manage to convince Garfield to start an investigation if he calms their anger. Barry brought the priest and two homeless to learn about what's going on. Barry follow Charlie to talk because he has a feeling that they have meet before but they are interrupted by an agony cry from a close alley. Barry as the Flash speed and find the corpse completely mutated. The next morning, at the morgue, Barry realize that the corpse was back like it should have been. At the lab, he finds out that Charlie Wright was a friend of him when he was a kid and decide that he should help him. He latter meet Charlie who at first refuse the job offer that Barry gave him before accepting due to his condition and becoming a S.T.A.R. Lab guard. Barry tries to invite Tina to a restaurant but she is already taken by Carl. Later at the lab, Julio reveal that the sample of DNA from the corpse changes every time it is Analyzed which make Barry think that since they don't have the equipment to investigate, he will ask Tina since S.T.A.R. Labs does have the equipment. But when Barry call Charlie, he is interrupted by an alarm and Barry race there but finds Charlie unconscious and realize that they are trapped in a glass cage. Losing oxygen, Barry uses Charlie's metallic star to open the glass and save himself. The next morning, Charlie is taken to the hospital and Barry feels guilt for giving him a job that hurt him. When Tina realize that what was stolen was one of his husband note, Barry figures out that Carl is behind this since the disappearance of homeless and is arrival in town coincide but Tina refuses to believe that. In his car, Barry hears a police call about a beast that terrorize the place and Barry goes for it. At the scene Barry as the flash saves Bellows and goes back as Barry Allen where they witness the beast turning back into a regular dog. At star labs, they study the dog and Tina finds out that the mutation is the same as those that killed his husband and realize that Carl used her as a way to provide David's note. At Carl's Lab, Barry as the Flash, confront Carl and Carl manage to distract him long enough so that he can lock himself in the closet and inject the product at himself turning him into a mutated monster and knock out Barry. When Barry wakes up, he try to call Tina but since she doesn't answer, he speed to the lab just in time to save Tina from being injected by the product but Tanner chokes him long enough so that he could escape but Barry gets up and go after Carl. While Carl attack homeless in an alley, Barry save one of them and start to beat him until he manage to wrap a chain-link fence around him to neutralize him until he goes back into his normal form. As Carl reject Tina for not supporting him, Tina in tears hugs Barry while waiting for the police.

The next week Barry as the Flash saves two kid from a fire but unbeknown to him he was caught on camera by a woman. The next day, Barry goes to interrogate Sadie Grosso, who has been a witness for all the three recent fire in the neighborhood. After the interrogation, Julio convince Barry to go on a double-date tonight. That night, while Barry waits for the date, a fight happened between a woman and a man but when Barry asks if she wants to press charges, Julio and their date arrive and Barry's date introduce herself as Judith. The next day, Julio and Barry talk about last night where Julio apologize for bringing a girl that did not pleased Barry and after an encounter with Murphy, Barry goes to the lab and realize that those fire are conspiracy and that someone is benefiting from it. Barry later goes on the street asking help from a three-card dealer named Fosnight that has a history with his father and asks him to call him if he learns anything that could led to another fire. When he returns home, he meet again the woman from the bar fight and she pretend to be an electrician that was repairing a cable problem in the building. Barry tries to flirt with her, wanting to know how an electrician knows how to fight but before he can get anymore information, he gets a call from Fosnight that has recognized an arsonist named Noble John Spanier and informs him of his last location. Barry goes as the Flash at the location but finds a bomb and Barry managed to trow it out before it destroys the building. Later that night, D.A. Thomas Castillo shows up at his house revealing that he knows his identity and wants him to work for him but Barry still play the comedy and Castillo use a grenade and trow it on Earl which makes Barry run to deactivate it. Castillo than threaten him that he has 24h to chose or else his identity goes public. After that Barry search the house where he finds the cam that recorded him. The next day Barry, angry, talks to Tina about his identity being exposed and about Castillo's blackmail. Barry than goes to Castillo's office where he accept to go at Arthur Simonson's casino and wining games so that he can earn money out of Simonson pocket and sabotage his operation. During his wins streak at the casino, Barry gets up by a quarter of a million dollars which enrage Simonson who asks him to get out and never come back. After Barry gets the money, before leaving, he manipulate every game so that everyone wins which force the casino to shut down for the night. Barry than runs into Megan Lockhart's van to confront her about his identity being exposed. When Barry notice that the wife of the cheating husband on her camera is about to kill her husband Barry goes as the Flash and stops her. The next day, he is interrupted at work by Castillo who wants him to find dirt on a politician named Paul Van Duzer. Barry goes to one of Van Duzer headquarter and after a moment of where he thinks about what he is doing, Barry decide to start hanging poster of Van Duzer everywhere. Later at the lab, Megan and Tina enter and Tina tells Barry that Megan saved her and when Tina asks what's going on, Barry figured out that Castillo wants property to build a casino when a planned bill is passed to legalize gambling which is why all those fire are happening. But since Barry got another call from Fosnight about the location of the next fire, he speeds out when Megan was asking if she can help. Barry than goes to stop Snapier but accidentally start a fire after punching him. Barry than punch Snapier again and stops the fire. He threaten Snapier and tied him so that he can confess to the police that Simonson hired him. Barry than goes to safe Megan who were about to be executed and start to beat Simonson and his goons before going after Castillo but before Castillo can escape, his car explode killing him. Barry figures out that Simonson was the man behind the explosion. Later at Megan's office, Megan packs up her stuff since she is leaving town and says that she will keep Barry identity secret since he saved her and that she has learned a lesson of responsibility after witnessing the consequence of her action. She than gave Barry a tape with every frame she has of him. Barry than tries to ask her out and she says they had their first date already at the fire. The two kiss, but when Barry tries to ask her again, he gets slapped.

The next week, Barry at work goes to a security briefing where he learns that a group of thieves are planing to rob the Death Mask of Rasputin and there, Barry sees his former mentor Ted Preminger who wants to be fully cooperative since the museum needs the exhibits. After the briefing, Barry meet Ted and it turns out that Ted was aware about his lab "Accident" and after a little talk, he introduces him to his new PR person Celia Wayne that Barry found familiar. Barry says that he asked for special assignment to the museum but Ted says that it isn't necessary but gives in, and Barry tells him that he didn't had the time to go to the museum these days and Ted reveals that he's counting on the Mask box office to save the museum. At the Lab with Julio, Barry accidentally taps his fingers on the table top and sets off a small quake and quickly covers his action by claiming that it's an earthquake. And when Julio tries to propose him another date, he leaves. Barry than goes to S.T.A.R. Labs to talk to Tina and explain that he haven't slept in three days since knew that Ted was coming to Central City he tells her his backstory with Ted and why his father wanted him to stop learning archeology with makes him believes that he has failed Ted but Tina gave him an advice saying that in the end, he followed both profession. Barry thanked her but they heard an explosion inside S.T.A.R. Labs and Barry as the Flash finds Darrell Hennings one of the thieves breaking in. Barry knocks him out and disassemble his weapon and runs to his accomplices' car but when trying to stop the car, it caused an accident that lead to Franco Mortelli's death. Barry than informs the police of the car accident and runs off. The next day, Tina tells Barry to take it easy because his injuries haven't fully healed and talk about the stolen component from the lab and Barry conclude that they are trying to build a cutting laser and realize that one of the guy in the car last night wasn't any of the six known thieves. After an argument with Tina Barry goes to see some exhibits and is approached by Ted who says that one of the officer on the case in paranoid and before they could talk more, they are interrupted by Celia who warns them that the mask is here. When they put the mask on the display plinth, one of the security guards asks what's the deal with going to the museum for a mask since they are all the same. Barry start to explain his history and what his eyes can do but Ted interrupts him and activate the light so that the mask's eyes could illuminate. At the museum, Celia and Barry talk about what was her conviction to bring the mask here in the first place. She admits that she has a crush on Ted, and coming back gave her a chance to come back to see the old place. Celia asks Barry why he quit archeology class and he says that he didn't see himself locked in a museum basement cataloguing bones and Celia chuckles because in the end he ended up in a lab. Murphy and Bellows come in to take over the night shift, and Bellows reveals that his case is full of snacks. Celia than leaves and Murphy tells Barry that someone left a message for Flash asking him to meet him at the billiard club about the STAR Lab robbery. Barry than runs as the Flash to the location but only finds the corpse of Mark Bernhardt trapped with a bomb and Barry manage to escape the explosion. the next day, at the lab, Julio shows every file about known jewel thief from the past five years. After causing a distraction, Barry uses his speed to read every files but none of them match the description of the man. Barry than recreate with the computer facial recognition the face of the man he saw the other night and find a match with Stan Kovacs. When he tells Mitch about Kovacs, Mitch ask Barry to go home since he doesn't want to take the responsibility of losing the mask and order Celia that she has six hour to move it. Barry later finds Ted in an exhibit room a disappointed since he wanted to use the extra revenue to refurbish the entire ring. Barry tells Ted that all the time and attention he used on him wasn't wasted after forgiving themselves, they shakes hand. Mitch shows up saying that all cops are out of the museum because there is a crime wave in Central City. Barry believes that was Kovacs plan to attack the city and CCPD with their hands full start to leave the area. Barry as the Flash goes to stop Chu Lee from robbing a bank by putting the money back and locking him in the vault. He than goes to stop Parry Johnson who were stealing gold lingo and Barry makes a wall of gold so that he can't runs away from his makeshift cell. Barry tries to stop Kate Tatting but can't due to a laser barrier but before she could reach the roof, Barry speeds up, ties her up and drops her back down through the skylight. Barry arrives at the gala and removes the magazine from Hennings' gun. As Hennings takes a hostage, the police arrive and arrest him. After taking something to eat to minimize his metabolism, Barry realizes that Stan is going after the mask and used the others as a distraction. He speeds to the museum and finds out that Kovacs and Celia are working together. He use a lasso on Kovacs leg with cause him to lose the Mask. Kovacs than trow a spear into Barry's shoulder and a fight with multiple exhibit ensure where Barry manage to drop a tapestry down on Stan and then shooting arrows to pin him in place. When Celia was about to kill Ted, Barry as Barry Allen, shows up and after disarming her, hancuffs her to a pole. Ted proud to see that Barry never actually left but his hand on his shoulder before realizing that he is bleeding and before passing out, he ask Ted to call Tina, his doctor. The next day, after that the showing of the mask has been extended for one month. Barry and Tina waits outside that Shawn came back and when he does, he ask Barry if he can stay a little longer and he agree for ten more minute. Tina asks why don't he goes to the museum and Barry answers that the police are still looking for the man that made twelve hole in the tapestry that has more than five hundred years old.

The following week, Central City celebrated the day of the dead festival. Barry, had a dinner with Tina and talk about the fact that a reports implied that someone is trying to contact the Flash and Tina made the remark that Barry ate to much. Felix Tomarquin, the owner of the place, celebrated his one years of being an American citizen thanks to Barry and his colleagues. Later at a taxi, Barry sent Tina to the show they were going to while he investigated the graffiti and promised to be there in half an hour. He opened a note that asked him to come at a church. At the church, he met Javier O'Hara a gang leader that threaten him but Paloma arrived and stopped him. Barry asks question about who made those graffiti but none of them knows. When the bells rang, Barry speeded inside the church as the Flash and tried to stop a man with a gun but he is neutralized by another man that shot him in the back with a tranquilizer. The next morning Barry woke up in his bed with no memories about what happened and the doorbell is rang. Barry answered and It's Tina who complained that he never showed up for their theater date. Barry than give the note that he found a the police mail-room. He explained that he didn't told her because he knew that she would come. He explained what happened and could not remember what happened after he arrived at the church. Tina warned Barry about how dangerous a black out could be if he can't remember what happened and is surprised to see him ate his breakfast that fast before being interrupted by a call from work. At the scene, Julio told Barry that witnesses claimed that the statues walked out by themselves and went out into the street, stopping traffic. Barry tried to interrogate the locals but the Santero said that it's a reminder of the power of Chango. Paloma who see this as a superstition said that this is nothing to do with Chango but her aut, Sofia Tomarquin told Barry that she doesn't know anything. Barry told Paloma to call him if she learned anything new. Barry and Julio than went to the Santeria shop to interrogate the Santero but the only thing important that he could tell is that he knew that they must make a human sacrifice but he didn't know who. As Barry and Julio left, Paloma approached them and told them that the Santero was delusional. Sofia comes over and when Barry said that everything is okay, she complained that he was in no position to judge. Back at home, Barry ate a sandwich and gave some to Earl and started to remember a scene with the Santero in the shop. When he came back from his "vision", hours has passed, and Tina called him asking where has he been and he revealed that he has lost eight hours. Later, at S.T.A.R. labs, Tina tested Barry's brain and found out that the two hemispheres of his brain aren't communicating and Tina noticed a "big insect bite" behind Barry's neck. He was called to the Santeria shop again but this time the place was a mess and the Santero believed that Chango the god of the wind was responsible and that he couldn't press charges against a god. Outside, Barry noticed Paloma and asked her what's happened there. She could not answer and Barry got mad because no one told him what was going on. The Santero appeared and gave Paloma a bird's foot talisman and beged her to take it, but she threw it away and walks off causing the Santero to be angry and told Barry that he brought the curse on all of them and then collapses. Barry than super speeds ahead of Paloma which scared her and Barry asked her help but that first, he was hungry. Barry and Paloma went to a diner and Barry ate a lot more. She talked about Barry's girlfriend, and Barry assureed her that Tina wasn't his girlfriend. Paloma figured that Barry is available, and when Barry asked what was the talisman, she said that the talisman the Santero gave her is a black magic talisman for human sacrifice. She must came forward or someone she loved will die in her place. Paloma showed Barry a newspaper article about her father and explains that he sent her there to hide with her aunt and uncle after Calderon killed her brothers. If Calderon found her then he would use her as leverage to stop her father from testifying. Barry than decided to take Paloma somewhere safe. Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Tina ran a scan on Barry to find something out of the ordinary and Barry started to argue with Tina. Paloma came in, overheard them arguing, and said that she could handle herself but Barry insists that she has to stay, that he has work to do and left for the lab. Later, after realizing that he had another Black out, Barry went to S.T.A.R. labs where Paloma was missing and Tina showed him a video footage of the Flash being responsible of the kidnapping. Barry than made a nightmare about him being controlled like a puppet until Tina woke him up and Barry than realize that during his dream, he saw the man behind all this. She showed him the implant diode and explains that it was emitting signals to control Barry, and Barry remembered how he got the ship in his brain back from the church. Barry wanted Tina to remove it, but she warned that it has a charge building up and will fry his brain in 24 hours. Tina wantdc Barry to stay so that she can find a way to remove it, but Barry insisted that he has to find Paloma and left. At the lab Barry found an old newspaper article that talked about the disappearance Marcos Trachmann a mind control researcher and after a talk with Julio decided to go find Paloma since he has to save her after what he did. Later in front of the tribunal, Barry was pushed away by the reporter Joe Kline so that he can interview the federal prosecutor Marguerite Giarelo to announce that the testimony has been delayed. After hearing what they said, Barry speeded out to confront the Santero as the Flash where he revealed himself as a man with incredible gift. After that the Santero gave away the place where he could find a drug dealer and Barry useed his super speed to repair the shop before leaving. Barry raced through the street and found the drug dealers, and asked him where he could find Calderon after beating him up. He went to Reuben Calderon's manor and search for him. He managed to get in their room unnoticed and overheard their discussion where he learned when and where they will release Paloma. He then found Paloma and freed her but got controlled again by Trachmann. He was ordered to stay in the middle of the road but before a truck could hit him, Barry gain conscious again and speeded out. He went back to S.T.A.R. labs where Tina revealed that she managed to block the frequency but now because of Barry's metabolism, the bomb in his brain could go out at any second and Barry speeded out. He arrived to the festival where the switch must be made and saved Paloma's father from being shot by his mind controlled daughter. Trachmann manage to take control of Barry's mind and brings Aguilar to them. When Calderon was about to gun them down, Barry gain conscious again and start a fight with Trachmann in which he emerged victorious and Aguilar stopped Calderon. He then brought Paloma to S.T.A.R. labs where they fpund a way to remove the ship for him and Paloma. The next day, at Felix's restaurant, they listened to Kline's report on Calderon confession on everything to the court. Aguilar thanked the Flash, wherever and whoever he was. Barry asked what happened to Trachmann and Aguilar revealed that he was at the hospital with brain damage than the Santero appeared and gave Barry a small vial of powder as a gift to a fan of his favorite wrestler. Paloma read the writing and explains that it's basically a love potion. Barry smileed and pockets it.

The next week, Barry is having dinner at his parents place and voluntary ask if he can clean up the table. They accept and while they go to watch the TV, Barry uses hi speed to clean it up fast. When he arrives at the living room, he watch the weather forecast and learns about upcoming storms and leaves because Earl is afraid of storm. Days later, Barry installs a painting in the leaving room until his mother tells him that his father isn't like he used to be these days until he arrives and tell that he is fine. Shortly afterward, a car shots to their house and Barry manage to save his parents in time. He then runs after that car and found no conductor so he let it crash into a tree. Later when the police arrive, Barry gives a missing bullet to a detective and when his mother than asks if he can convince Henry to come with her instead of staying but Barry can't but he manage to convince him to come at his apartment since Hix doesn't know him. Julio than arrives and reveals that the car was stolen from a motel last night. Barry than asks Julio to tell his father that he will meet him at his apartment later but Julio reminds him that he was supposed to go out with Tina and Barry says that he will come up with something. He then start to hunt Johnny Ray Hix as the Flash and brutally interrogate a former associate of Hix but didn't came up with anything. Later as Barry, he goes to buys a newspaper from Reggie, a blind seller. Reggie has heard that Barry is looking for Hix, but all he knows is that Hix is still in town. He also warns that Hix's people stay quiet or they will end up dead before asking how is Henry and Barry says that he is fine. At Barry's apartment, Tina makes small talk with Henry while Barry who is cooking burns dinner. He then give the burned meat and Henry note that he lived long enough with Nora to know what is burned and what is not. Henry than talks about Barry's "restaurant thing" with Tina and talk about a time where Barry got sick and Barry nervously taps on a glass before accidentally shattering it, and Tina mentions that she pays golf. As she and Henry discuss golf, Earl comes down with Barry's costume glove in his teeth. Barry kicks Tina so that she can distracts Henry while Barry gets the glove. The next day, at the lab, Julio goes over the test results from the car until Pete Donello arrives and have a private talk with Henry while Julio and Barry finish their work until Henry says that he and Pete are going down stairs for a cup of coffee. By going to the window, Barry notice that Henry is leaving the building with Pete and Barry decided to follow them. At a bar where Henry runs into trouble, Barry as the Flash saves him and beat all the thug and threaten the owner before leaving and going back as Barry where he bring Henry back at the precinct. The following night, they finds the corpse of Pete in his garden and Barry confront his dad about taking old cases from the precinct and starting their investigation without them. The next day, at the lab Barry and Julio finds out that the murder weapon is a hunting knife but Henry complains that it doesn't matter what kind of knife it is, the best man that could have resolved the case is in a coffin. Barry than confront his dad about his criticisms of him and his work and after an argument, they decide to make peace and take a walk. during the walk, Henry remembers the good time with Jay and mange to bring a smile on Barry's face before leaving. Later that night, Barry calls his father but he don't answer so he speed to his apartment and find Gruber over his father's body. Barry punches him and see if his father is okay but he doesn't move. The followin day, Barry is at the lab and calls the hospital to check on his father's x-rays. Once he hangs up, Barry tells Julio that Henry has a concussion and a few pellets in the arm, but he is otherwise fine. Barry than goes to the gym and works on the bag at superspeed to let off his frustrations until it finally explodes. Barry as the Flash goes to Gruber's cell and intimidate him to know where Hix is. Gruber doesn't know where Hix is neither where he got the money to pay him, and Barry speeds out. Back at his apartment, where Henry is home again, Barry and Henry try to work out how Hix got his money to pay Gruber. Barry figures out that Hix is going after the money from the bank he robbed years ago and realized that Pete has figured it out before dying. He checks Pete's maps and Henry says that there were boarded-up houses there and they were moved to a new location. Depressed, Henry tells Barry to call it in and it doesn't matter to him. He admits that Barry was right and he's too old to investigate cases and that costed him Pete's life. Barry loads a gun and give it Henry because they are going after Hix. His father takes the gun and says that it's time to end it. At the location of Hix money, they were notice by him and his crew and a gunfight ensure. Barry shot down one of them and when they split up, after that Barry notice that another men is about to kill his father after the latter knocked one of them down, goes as the Flash and knocks him out. He notice that Hex was about to crush his fahter with a vehicle and Barry kicks him out so that he can save his fahter again. When Hix tried to climb a construck so that he could avoid arrest, Barry brake it so that Hix falls into the ground. After this; Barry as himself says that he has called back up and is checking on the man he wounded earlier but Hix gets up and tries to finish Henry but Barry runs into Hix and brutally punchs him multiple time until his fahter stops him saying that it's over. The next day as Barry repairs the damage to his apartment, Henry wonders why the Flash doesn't show his real face and Barry suggests that one day maybe he will and Henry tells his son that what he did was brave and dangerous. The older man than tells Barry that he's a cop and a good one, and both leave to the airport to take Nora.

The next week, Barry and Tina investigate the death of Phillip Sullivan a friend of Tina and Barry's science idol. At his house when Barry is looking at one of his Arkham expose trophy Phillip's wife Joan Sullivan shows herself and Tina introduces her to Barry. That night, Barry was taking a walk with Earl until he recognize a drug dealer but when the deal turns out to be a failed arrest and that the two undercover cop were about to be killed, Barry as the Flash take out two of them and pursue the drug dealer who's trying to escape by car. The dealer shots three bullet that Barry catch in mid air and throw it back to his wheels stooping the car and allowing Barry to tie him. Later, at the precinct, Barry interrogate the two undercover cops that reveals the existence of a new drug called "Blue Paradise" but when they talk about the Flash Barry act like if he wasn't real. Later, Barry and Julio go to the Star and find no mention of Sullivan's notes on Blue Paradise. Julio goes to lunch with Sabrina and Barry caught Terry Cohan trying to jimmy his car open. Terry claims that the car belongs to his father, but Barry takes out his own keys. When Terry calls for help, Barry shows his badge and books him for car theft. Barry brings Terry to the precinct and asks Tony and Murphy to keep him while he brings an officer for Juvenile Hall. Barry discus with Carmen Hijuelos, a woman from Juvenile, who tells him that Terry ran away from home nine months ago and has been surviving on petty theft. She explains that he'll be sent into the foster care system and that the paperwork will take about a week but until then he'll be locked up. Barry doesn't want to see Terry in jail and Carmen warns him that he can drop the charges but she'll still have to take Terry to Juvenile Hall unless he can stay with a responsible adult. She guilts Barry into taking Terry in and as they go out to Barry's car, Terry thanks Barry and runs off as soon as he can. Barry notice Terry going down in the sewer and follows him and that lead him to Central City Zoo. There, Barry finds his hideout and meet terry's sister Cory Cohan that Barry will bring at his house. At his apartment, when dinner's ready, Barry introduce Cory and Terry to Tina but tina asks what is he going to do with them since he just can't bring them at work and can't leave them alone and Tina suggest that they should ask Joan to keep them since she loves kids. The next day, Barry and Tina goes to meet Joan at her veterinarian clinic and she assures them that she can handle the children. When he asks her what Sullivan was working on, Joan says that all she knows is that he was bringing home dead files from college. Terry and Cory turn the dogs loose, and Joan angrily orders the kids that they'll both walk the dog called Brutus. Later, at the lab, Julio finds Barry dozing. Barry wakes up and admits that the kids are keeping him up, and Julio gives him the information on Sullivan's murder. He confirms that the data Barry is looking for wasn't in the explosion since they were supposed to be in leather but since they didn't find any, Barry deduce that it was stolen. As Barry and Terry leave the station, Barry suggests that they go get some pizza but Terry tells him that they're better on their own. As they drive off, two person follow them in a van and drive them off the street. Barry is knocked out in the crash, and the two person grab Terry and leave. When Barry wakes up, he gets his costume out of the trunk and speeds after the van. He ties a cable to the back and the van jerks to a halt and then frees Terry and reminds him to never accept rides from strangers. Barry brings Terry back to the station and asks why those people grabbed him. Terry claims that he doesn't know anything, and Barry checks their records and confirms that they have drug records. Julio then arrives and warns Barry that the two guy he arrested are "freaking out" and Barry goes to see them. When he arrives, they've passed out, and Barry goes in to check them out. They wake up, go berserk, and attack Barry. Bellows and Murphy subdue them than they die from Blue Paradise overdose. Back at the apartment, Barry returns with Terry. As Cory goes to bed, she confirms that she can't stay there forever, and doesn't believe him when he says they'll find her somewhere that she can. Joan talks to Barry about Sullivan, who admits that he doesn't have anything on her husband's case yet. Once Terry gets Cory in bed, Barry tells him that the cops are looking for a skateboarding snatch-and-grab artist. Terry says that he's got Cory to take care of and nobody else will protect her, and Barry asks what he's lifted recently. When the boy says that he lifted a stuffed animal from a car a week ago, Barry asks to see what he took. Terry figures that Barry has been setting him up, figures that the Flash is the only one he can trust, and storms out. As the Flash, he stops Terry on the street and Terry shows his excitement when Barry says that he could test his speed with his skateboard and when they try it, he finds it cool. When they stoop, Barry lecture him about the fact that he must trust someone that can help him and that will protect him and his sister before running away. Later, Terry gives the bag that he stool with the puppet from last week and Barry finds a magazine with Beaugarde Lesko face on it and some Blue Paradise. Later Tina analyzes it and goes back to the apartment with Barry where she explain that its a hallucinogenic drug. Barry tells Tina that the only one who were capable of this was Lesko according to Sullivan's notes and he supposedly died 20 years ago. After leaving the kids with Joan, Barry goes to the lab and shows Julio the newspaper article on Lesko's death in a plane crash. His body was never recovered, Barry figures that Lesko faked his death and went underground and calls a police car to watch his home to make sure that nobody will get those kids. Later, after that Terry ran away, Barry manage to convince Cory what terry is up to and she shows him a disk giving clue that he went out to sell one of the disk. Barry as the Flash finds Duvivier and after disassembling his car he grabs him asking Lesko's whereabouts and once he cracks, he gives a ways his location and Barry ties him up and delivers him to the station. Barry than goes to Lesko's lair and punches Lesko. He then asks Terry to get off and while he was about to punch Lesko again, Lesko makes him breath some Blue Paradise. Out of control, Barry vibrates so fast that he phase through the wall. Outside Terry finds him and Barry realize that he vibrated so fast that he has burned the drug out of his system. Barry than runs into the lair again put the speaker to max volume before playing electric guitar causing everyone around to be hurt by the sound and the equipment to be destroyed before they can gather them. He then break the guitar finishing to drive unconscious the remaining members of the gang. The next day, Terry and Cory prepare to head to New York City by bus. Barry wishes them well and hugs Cory. Joan pulls up and suggests that they live with her. Terry doesn't want to hear it assuming that Barry set him up again, but Cory insists on staying. Barry tries to convince Terry if he's tough enough to do the right thing, and Terry agrees to do it but under one condition, that the next person that asks him to shampoo a cat dies.

The next week, Barry investigate on a crime scene with Julio where a Judge and his wife were killed. Since they found evidence about explosives uses, they recommend Garfield to search to old case and find anyone who has been released that has a history with explosives. When he left, Barry notice an engagement ring felt of Garfield jacket and give it back and they gave it back to him and says that it's a "big step". The next morning, Barry is analyzing the explosives but since the equipment is broken, he shake it with his hand to get the result faster and Julio who entered the room caught a glimpse of him using his speed but assume that it was his eyes that blurred. Julio then reveals that it was made of titanium and Barry decided to pay a visit to Jack Callahan a specialist that they booked years ago. As the Flash, he interrogates Callahan about the titanium used to create a bomb. When Callahan calls back up, Barry handcuffs them and destroys all of his gunrunning operation and when he interrogates him again, he stills refuses to talk and Barry runs away. That night at a restaurant with Tina, Barry explain how Callahan was ready to die with his secret and Barry deduce that the man behind the murder must be powerful enough to be feared but Tina reminds him he promised that he would not talk about police related stuff and then Tina reveals that she receive an offer from a research institute in California and Barry realize that he won't be able to see Tina frequently. Then Frank Dejoy a lawyer and Barry's friend greet him only to be killed by two arrows seconds later. Barry fond a pieces of medallion that resemble the one found on the previous murder. Barry saw the assassin running away and uses his speed to catch him but the assassin shot him with a laser gun that knocked him unconscious. The next day, Garfield shouted at Barry for leaving a crime scene and disappearing and Barry show the two pieces of the medallion to justify his investigation and prove that the murders are related. Garfield tells him that that a god job but he warns him that it doesn't excuse what he has done and the next time it happens, he will get suspended. Since Barry's back is hurt, Julio recommends him to go see a doctor but Barry asks him to cover him at work for a couple of hours. Barry ask Julio before living to search anything about cases the judge and the lawyer where implicated in and Julio asks Barry why did he tell the Lieutenant that he was in the lab last night since Julio was there and didn't saw him. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Tina is mad at Barry for forgetting to call her to say if he was alright after the murder and Barry asks her again if she can fix his back but Tina is still mad at Barry from easily accepting the fact that she could leave to California and Barry leaves. At the lab, Barry search emblems about who could the medallion represent and asks Julio to go get some coffee and speeds up the process. But Julio saw him again and Barry tries to tell him that he is a little bit sick. Barry than figures out that the medallion represent the Warriors of Freedom. And figures out that this used to be the emblem of Jefferson Zacharias's gang and that the murderer is after every one that lead to Jefferson arrest including lieutenant Garfield. Barry asks Julio to send back up to the lieutenant and Barry speeds away. When Barry arrived (as the Flash), the shooter has already shoot Mavis Garfield's fiancée but he manage to deflect bullets aiming for Garfield. But the time Barry arrives on the roof, the sniper got away and he finds only the sniper. Later, as Barry Allen, he took the testimony of some witnesses before Garfield asks him what do they have on the shooter. Barry explains that the shooter has left the sniper but he suspect Callahan for being the one that sold the weapon. Garfield orders Barry to leave Callahan and after forcing to much on why Garfield is protecting Callahan, Garfield explains that Callahan was a mole inside the Warriors of Freedom and was the main responsible of taking them down but in exchanges, every aces to his record is restricted. He then tells Julio to finish the analyze of the crime scene while he goes to Helltown to ask question about the gun pro-curation. When Barry arrives, he finds Callahan with multiple gun wound and he manage in his last breath to say "Angel". Barry than found the last pieces of the gang medallion on Callahan's neck. Barry than call Julio to identify a member of the gang tha goes by "Angel" and Julio who read the file explain that Jefferson has a daughter called Angel Zacharias. When Barry arrives at the station, Julio gave him a file on Zacharias's daughter and reveals her military past and the fact that her parents where divorced when she was 13 and lived most of her life with her mother and that the day after his dad was executed, she ran away from home to join the military until she was discharged last month. Julio than reveals that Garfield has already taken the first file on her 15 minutes ago and Barry realized that he is not going to arrest her but to kill her. When Barry arrives, Garfield is on a pressure plate trapped with a detonator and Barry manage to save him but got knocked out in the explosion. Later, Barry would wake up and speed to the hopistal just in time to save Mavis from being poisoned. After manipalting the grappe hook of Angel to avoid Garfield killing her, Barry meet and avoid all of shuriken on the roof but when Garfield enter the roof, Barry was distracted and got hit in the leg. When Garfield was about to kill her, Barry manage to convince him that her action was led by hatred like he is led by hatred. Realizing that he was right, Garfield put the gun down and arrests her. Days later, Barry joined Garfield wedding with Mavis and Julio reveals that he figured out that he was the Flash but Barry tricks him into believing that the Flash is another person by showing up in different place at the same time without Julio realizing that he was gone. Tina reveals that she has turned donw the offer and ask Barry who is hungry and looking at a pizza truck, to keep a slice for her.

The following week, Barry and Julio went to S.T.A.R. Labs to give back Tina's computer and Barry commentated the fact that their equipment are better that those of the police and Julio asks what does Barry do in S.T.A.R. Labs those days and since Barry couldn't find a good excuse, he assumes that he and Tina are a thing. Tina than appears and learns that Barry, Julio and Sabrina participate to a telephone game service on TV and Tina agrees to come even if Barry doesn't like it. Later, at his apartment, Tina rang the bell and Barry uses his speed to get dressed before answering the door. Later, while answering a phone, Barry complains that there is aw woman that called him three time already to match him with her daughter and Joe Kline than asks Barry to move because Joe wants to seat in the middle. He asks Sabrina is she wants a coffee and she answers that he wants Julio to take one too since he is distracted by another woman. They go meet Garfield who successfully finish a magic trick. He than asks Julio if he can be his magic partner Monday before introducing Dr Desmond Powell But the stage is interrupted by armed criminals that broadcast a man. As the Flash, Barry manage to save some civilian from being crushed but the two thugs gets away with it. Later, after the incident, Barry tells Tina that it was a bad idea to go there. The next morning, Garfield took Barry's breakfast and Powell enter the room and tells them that the man that was on the broadcast, was the Ghost. Barry than learns about the Ghost background and the existence of a vigilante called "Nightshade" that has defeated him. At home Barry listen to the new but Kline's broadcast is interrupted by the Ghost that asks the Flash to meet him at S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry than suit up and runs into S.T.A.R. Labs where he disarms the two thugs from earlier but he is trapped in a laser cage. Suddenly, Nightshade shows up and shot Skip with a tranquilizer but is injured by the latter. Barry manage to break the device that traps him and discover that Nightshade is Dr Powell. Barry than goes to Powell's car and use the first aid kit to save his life. After bringing him to his car, Desmond tells him that "it's nice to meet the man who picked up the torch" before Barry leaves. He comes back seconds later as Barry and help Desmond to escape the police. At Nightshade's lair, Barry is surprised about how much Powell has done for the city but that no one remembers him. Powell than state who would remember the Flash in 35 years before they leave. Later, at the lab, they realize that the Ghost is jamming all connected computers in the city and Desmond states that he will fight him alone in the frustration of Barry. As the Flash, Barry followed Desmond interrogating Belle Crocker and ask him how he can help. Desmond give him Intel about the Ghost's lair and Barry speed to the location. At the lair, Barry and Desmond talk about how Desmond defeated the Ghost years ago. The device that helped to fry his system is broken now and Barry take it to S.T.A.R. Labs so that he and Tina could repair it. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry uses a treadmill to powers the room with electricity and repair the device. later, dressed as Nightshade, he would trick the Ghost to ask his thugs to get out and attacks him. During the fight, the Ghost manage to bring Barry into his world and tortures him. Luckily for Barry Desmond used the device to fry the Ghost's machine and save Barry from his world. Barry than takes off all the wire to neutralize the Ghost and cuff him to a chair. Later, at Nightshade's lair, Barry tries to reveal his identity but Desmond doesn't want to know. He then tells Barry that he is retired and that Barry should also start a collection and on this, Desmond give him his mask.

The next week, In S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry is talking to Tina about going horse racing with him and Julio. Tina tells them to go on without her because she's working on a report for her chief administrator employer, Ruth Werneke. As Barry says that Ruth is tight, Ruth comes in and asks for the report before dawn. Once she leaves, Tina jokingly admits that she wants to strangle Ruth sometimes, and Barry leaves. At the lab, Barry tells Julio that Tina isn't coming much to Julio frustration as it is in his family tradition to have a woman picking up the winning horse. Barry than calls Tina but he gets a recorded message in case of emergency lock-down. As the flash, Barry arrives in the front door and find it sealed and when he tries to get in, he receive a shock that pushes him back. As Murphy and Bellows arrive. As Barry Allen, he tells them to stay away from the door before going in Tina's van and accesses the computer. Barry rigs up a video hookup through the satellite computer and Tina tells him what happened. She says that Barry can't break the seal because it will trigger an irradiation sequence that will kill both of them. Tina plays back the video and they watch Bernhardt's death and the release of the chemical into the air system. Tina figures that the thief used an electromagnetic stealth device, and determines that Project Pandora is a project for a government weapons research center to develop nerve toxins. Ruth is the project coordinator and she insists that the toxins would have never get used, but she points out that the intruder used it. Dr. Emil Velinski is the project director, and Ruth gives Barry an approximate address. But when Barry arrive where he could find Velinski, he is dead with only the blind Reggie as a witness. Reggie describe the murderer height and breathing and Barry leaves. When Barry returns to the van, Tina tells him that the thief took one of the two vials of the toxin and the one vial of the antidote. Barry explains that Velinski is dead and Tina warns him that the remaining vial could kill everyone in Central City. She says that according to the computer, they have less than four hours to live. As Barry, he is introduced by Garfield to agents Quinn and Edwards who supervise the setting up of the security perimeter around STAR Labs. Barry says that Tina and Ruth are exposed and Quinn says that they've been monitoring Barry's conversations and says that there is no such thing as an electromagnetic stealth device and they'll have the vial back in 24 hours. Barry points out that the sterilization will kill the women if the agents try to get in but Quinn makes it clear that he don't want Barry to interfere. He says that the government is under federal jurisdiction and tells Barry to leave. Garfield reluctantly agrees with Quinn saying that the federal government has contacted the mayor. Later, at the lab, Julio suggest to Barry to jam Quinn's signal and contact Tina via the police network. Once the signal is jammed. Barry comes in and Tina tells him that she's trying to analyze the toxin. She gave him the name and address of Velinski's assistant, Taylor Cartwright. Barry manage to bring Cartwright in and but he warns him that it could take days to reconstruct the antitoxin. Barry agrees to help, and Tina asks to talk to Barry alone. Tina tells Barry to find the other vial of toxin and forget about them and she says that if anything happens to her then he should take care of him. When Quinn and his people barge in and shut down the jammer, they take Cartwright with them and Barry grabs Quinn. This caused Quinn to order Edwards to arrest Barry for interfering in a government investigation. Barry tells Quinn that the killer will bring the vials to Quinn when he tries to kill Cartwright like he killed Velinski. Barry vibrates the handcuffs off and as the Flash, he finds the dying assistant in a car. The invisible man than attack Barry but Barry manage to throw him into the windshield, and the cloaking device shorts out revealing to be Brian Gideon before he disappears. At the police lab, Barry uses the computer to check Gideon's connection to STAR Labs. Gideon is a biochemist and physicist who worked briefly for S.T.A.R. Labs six months ago. Before that he worked for the government. He lost his security clearance and was fired, and Barry decides to go talk to him as the Flash. A proximity alarm goes off as Barry enters the lab. Gideon uses the device and fades away, and Barry tells him that there are two innocent women trapped in S.T.A.R. Labs. Gideon says that 2,000 people died in Costa Luca and no one remembers them except him. Quinn was in charge of the incident and claimed that it was a factory leak. When Gideon went to S.T.A.R. Labs to start over, he found out they were working for Quinn. He insists that there are no innocents and they are all responsible and convulses briefly. Gideon takes some pills and explains that he has a brain tumor from his time in Costa Luca. Barry asks for the antidote to save his friend, and Gideon says that they'll all be dead. He states that if people die in Central City, then maybe it will bring Quinn's efforts to the world. Barry tells Gideon that he'll help him get to the press than Quinn calls on Gideon to surrender telling him that he just wants to talk and Gideon figures that the Flash set him up. He turns invisible, knocks him back and leaps out the window. Barry manage to grab Gideon's voice log and goes after him as the government agents break in. Barry returns to the police lab and Tina sends a fax about the heat signature. He faxes back saying that he'll pursue the idea tells Tina not to give up hope. Barry then calls Search & Rescue to get their heat-signature equipment. Julio plays back the voice log and Gideon mentions poisoning the well. The two men realize that Gideon is going to put the toxin in the reservoir. Barry arrives to the reservoir with the heat-detection device and infrared contact lenses and searches for Gideon. Gideon injects him with the toxin and Barry collapses. As he goes to the water supply, Barry accelerates his metabolism to burn the toxin out of his body. The lights flicker, and Barry realizes that the stealth device causes a power surge. He wraps wiring around a pipe to create an electromagnet and burns out Gideon's belt as he prepares to put the toxin into the water. Dying, Gideon says that someone has to do something and they're all responsible. He warns that the vial is destroyed, and after Gideon dies Barry takes the stealth belt. Barry speeds in and gets Tina and Ruth out just in time. He figured out that the blood is the antidote, and inject them with it. Once they are recovered, Barry and Garfield arrive and tell Quinn that they've reported Quinn's activities to the mayor. Edwards confirms that she has been ordered to detain Quinn pending full investigation of his actions and Ruth says that she'll call a press conference to expose his activities. After the others leave, Barry suggests to Tina that they use her computer to place bets on horse racing. She says that the only horse that she'd bet on is the Flash. Barry goes over to Quinn and offers him the dismantled stealth belt, and says that Flash delivered it to him.

The next week, Barry is watching Joe Kline's news report which tells that Wayne Cotrell, a saxophonist is about to be executed tonight for the murder of Linda Lake. He notices Julio disagreement for his execution with during an argument with Garfield since Julio strongly believe that he is innocent. A Musician called Dave Buell calls the lab looking for Julio but as Julio has just stormed out of the lab after an argument with Garfield he gives Barry a message. He has stolen a tape that will prove Wayne's innocence and wants Julio to meet him at the Take Five club in 15 minutes. Before he has a chance to hang up Dave is attacked and murdered and Barry speed to his location. Seconds later, Barry as the Flash arrives but only finds his hat and the tape is crushed by a truck. Barry tells Julio to meet him at Take Five after warning him about Dave's message in five minute. When Barry entered the club, he saw Elliott Cotrell, Wayne Cotrell's brother giving an interview to Joe Kline talking about the innocence of his brother and Barry finds Dave's trumpet case and notices that Julio almost started a fight with the security guard Whisper. After that Elliott stopped the fight, he recognises Barry as he is a regular patron of the club. Barry asks Elliott if the rumour of unreleased tracks by Linda are true. Elliott says if they exist and if he finds them he will release them for all her fans to hear. Barry remarked that he could make a fortune if it's true and asks where Dave is and Elliott claimed Dave was in Chicago. Barry finds him suspicious as he knows that's not the case. Once out of the club, Barry show Julio the broken tape and believes that Tina could fix it. Barry picks Tina up from a performance of Swan Lake and brings her to S.T.A.R Labs. He explains the situation to her and she thinks she can digitize the tape but it may not be finished in time. Barry as the Flash than runs inside Contrell's cell and asks him his side of the story. He explains that a woman named Suzy Storm is his only alibi and that she mysteriously diseppear with no trace and that she wore some saxophone earring. And went Barry tells him that Linda was leaving him to LA, Wayne said that Linda made her first record with Elliott his producer but she didn't want to do a second one with him as he was too controlling. She was going to LA to work with a big time producer who would let her call the shots. Barry than promises Wayne that he will do whatever he can to prove his innocence before leaving. Once Tina has digitized more of the tape. Barry hears a recent tune by Dave Buell with Linda's voice singing over it. Tina asks how that can be the case as Linda was killed a year ago. Julio arrives and tells them what happened to Dave. They tell Julio about the tape and he thinks it's a fake. Tina than compares the voice print from the tape with Linda's CD and it's a perfect match. Once Tina plays more of the tape, they hear Elliott voice saying “I’d like to help you remember”. Julio and Barry decieded to go through the evidence bag and they find a custom made saxophone earring that was found in the car wreck where they also found “Linda’s” body. The only reason they thought it was Linda was due to her dental records and Julio deduces that the dental records must have been switched with Suzy storm's. Barry and Julio go off to confront Elliott. They ask Tina to call the governor so he can stop the execution. At the Take Five, Barry notice that Linda's window emit light which makes him wonder who could be there. While Julio enters the club, Barry as the Flash enters the room and sees Elliott at a mixing desk and a very much alive Linda singing a new song. Barry notice that Elliott is drugging her Linda which make her lost her memory and keeps her locked in his apartment. He tells her until her memory returns, the "medecine" it's for her own good. Once her and whisper are gone, Barry enter the room and asks Linda to come with her bu Whisper attacks him and throw him off the window. Minutes later, Barry wakes up and stops Whisper from beating Julio before taking Linda to the prison. Once there, Barry releases Contrell from being fried and the police almost shot him but once the notice that Linda is alive, Elliot takes a gun and threaten everyone only for being stoped by Barry a second later. Days later, Barry and Julio are in Take Five watching the reunited couple playing together. Once they finished, they go seat at their table and Linda states that Julio and Barry will always have a seat there. Wayne than states that he is about to change everything that Elliot has done there but not the clock that the Flash trowed Whisper into as a good memory. He then show them that he has changed the Buffalo wings into Flash wings which makes Barry laught.

Meeting John

At some point before December 2018, Barry Allen became John's friend. John wears a ring and is implicated by Barry having some kind of ability or special power.

The Monitor's test

Devastation of Earth-90

Barry facing the Monitor

You failed."
"Why are you doing this?" "You did this to yourself. And now, all of you will perish.
~ Mar Novu and Barry Allen

When Mar Novu arrived on his earth to test it, the Flash along with the other heroes confronted the Monitor but were no match for him and in the resulting immense battle, the Flash was the only survivor and dragged himself towards a giant book that glowed with purple energy but Novu got there first. When Barry asked why he was doing this, Novu said that they had done this to themselves, and that they would now perish. He then opened the book, which began to glow, while The Flash ran off to escape to another universe.

Contacting Earth-1

The Flash from Earth-90 in Arrow

Enough! You will not do to this Earth what you did to mine.
~ Barry Allen to the Monitor

Barry attempted to breach to the Monitor's next target, Earth-1, creating red skies and lightning which followed Earth-1's Barry Allen and Green Arrow, whose lives had been swapped by the Book of Destiny. Eventually, when Team Arrow and Team Flash create a quantum flux anchor was Barry able to open a portal through which he warned them about the Book of Destiny and urged them to acquire the book if they have any hope of fixing their Elseworld, before closing once more.

Barry alongside the other heroes

Sometime later, Barry finally succeeded and fully breached through at A.R.G.U.S. At first he was mistaken for his doppelgangers, Jay Garrick and Henry Allen, before formally introducing himself. He then mistook John Diggle with his Earth-90 doppelgänger, remarking that doesn't possess a ring. He then explained of the threat of Mar Novu, who had since taken on the moniker of the Monitor and was unleashing the Book of Destiny across the multiverse to test different Earths in preparation for an impending crisis. Just then, the Monitor appeared on TV, so Barry joined the heroes and they set out to try to attack him. During the confrontation, The Flash declared he would not let the massacre of Earth-90 repeat and attempted to attack first but the Monitor made him vanish before he could take a step.


Barry's death

Let me do this. Let me save you all.
~ Barry Allen

The Anti-Monitor found him and put him in his lair in the Central City sewers where he was forced to run on a treadmill to power up the Antimatter Cannon. During the Crisis of 2019, Barry was found by his Earth-1 counterpart alongside Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow and Pariah.

Later on, Barry took some of Earth-1's speed and took his place by running in the opposite direction, sacrificing his life to disable the antimatter cannon.


Tina, I watched myself die. It really brought home to me what you've always tried to make me understand. That I am only a man. And like all of us, I'm on a journey of a birth, a life, and a passing.
~ Barry Allen to Tina McGee on his mortality

Barry's death saved the life of his Earth-1 counterpart, erasing the long-existing timeline in which he died during the Crisis.

His resemblance to Earth-1 Barry's father, Henry Allen, had caused him to commiserate with Jefferson Pierce on their respective fathers and the legacy it left them with.