Why hello girls! Who's ready to fight for their lives?
~ Oobleck greeting Team RWBY

Dr. Bartholomew Oobleck is a minor hero in the animated web series RWBY he is a professor at Beacon Academy.

He is voiced by Joel Heyman in the English version, who also voiced Michael J. Caboose in Red vs. Blue, and by Yuichi Karasuma in the Japanese version.


Oobleck is light skinned male with messy green hair, brown eyes, large opaque round glasses, a white dress shirt with a yellow tie and dark green pants.

Oobleck's battle attire consists of his basic outfit with a button up safari shirt, brown trench coat, a large backpack, and a pith helmet.


Volume 1

Oobleck is first seen talking about the Faunus rights movement and when Jaune Arc and Cardin Winchester are unable to provide answers Blake Belladonna and Pyrrha Nikos Oobleck gives the 2 extra homework.

Volume 2

Oobleck is seen at the Beacon dance talking to Peter Port.

Oobleck is assigned to bring Team RWBY and Zwei to Mount. Glenn to find evidence on the White Fang and Roman Torchwick and while on the train Oobleck, Zwei, and Ruby Rose face off against White Fang members piloting Atlesian Paladins, Oobleck also takes part in the defense of Vale when the Grimm from Mount. Glenn breach the city.

Volume 3

Oobleck and Port serve as the commentators for the Vytal festival giving informations on semblances and attacks and commenting on the battles taking place.

Oobleck and Port hold off the incoming Grimm entering the arena as the students make their exit and is later seen with Port directing people to the evacuation zones.

Volume 4

Oobleck and Port are seen at the Xiao Long house talking with Taiyang Xiao Long talking about funny moments from their past before Yang Xiao Long enters the room and joins in on the conversation with Oobleck telling Yang that everyone wants to see her return to her old self and later thanks Tai for having him and Port company on their break before leaving.



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