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Hero Overview

Basara Toujou (東城 刃更 Tōjō Basara) is the primary male hero of Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha also known as the Testament of a Sister New Devil, a light novel, manga, and anime. He is a former member of the Hero Clan his exiled from the clan and he currently lives with both Mio and Maria Naruse whose "Mother" is supposed to marry his father, however, this was a ruse to use their house as a base since both of them are revealed to be from the Demon Clan.

After revealing the nature of their troubles, Basara is determined no matter what to protect them from anyone wanting to cause harm to them.

He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Chris Hackney and Wendee Lee as a child in the English version of the anime.


At the start of the series, Basara is a tall, handsome and slim fifteen-year-old with unkempt brown hair jutting in all directions and light green eyes. Having spent a year in the barrier alongside Chisato in volume 8 for the God Contract, his hair has grown a bit longer, as well as being taller and more muscular. In volume 12, Basara has been described as having big burly build and arms.

He also has scars that cover most of his body, which is the result of his Banishing Shift going out of control, however, he just tells people, he was involved in a car accident as a child.

Throughout the series, he is often seen dressed in his school uniform in Hijirigasaka Academy even when in combat. However, when outside of school, Basara is dressed in more casual clothes.

As first shown in the anime, when Basara manifests his power, like his father, his eyes turn sharper and shines with a green flame-like light. Whenever he materializes Brynhildr, his right arm attains silver ornate armor that covers his forearm, when Basara syncs up with his demonic sword, even more, the armor covers his entire arm and gained a semi-halo mounted on his with parts of his hair turning green.

After syncing up with Brynhildr even more and stimulating his demonic blood, Basara is covered in a black armored suit with silver armor that covers his entire arm, black armor that covers his other one and silver shoulder pads, a silver halo-like object on his back, two green ribbons streaks running down his chest; the wings on Brynhildr opens up and the length doubles; and parts of his hair turns green.

In Volume XI, upon having the power of the five elements and all four of his blood in a perfect spiritual balance, Basara is able to manifest a full body armor of Brynhildr, making him look similar to Shiba Kyouichi in his corrupted Reginleif form while retaining his humanity.


I'm no longer a Hero. We have no blood-relation, nor a family register, but I'm your older brother. So, let me protect— you.
~ Basara's desire to protect Mio.

At first, Basara has shown to be a rather laid-back and collected young man who has been noted to be almost like a normal teenager. He was muddled about the fact that his father "married" an unknown woman that he hasn't introduced him to yet and has him meeting her "daughters" without telling him first. Basara was further irriated that his father didn't inform him that his new "step sisters" were demons, Mio, being the daughter of the former Demon Lord hunted by the new Demon Lord Faction.

Because of the incident six-years prior in the Hero Clan (Japan), he suffers from a number of nightmares and fear about using his powers again fearing that he might kill someone else, as well as fearing Brynhildr. But, he has proven brave enough to protect Mio and Maria from demons, as well as Yuki giving him the resolve to attempt to use his powers to rescue Mio from her own power, which was running amok. As time passed and the situation started getting out of control, Basara has started getting over his past and fearing his own powers.

He has a strong belief in family, protecting those close to him no matter the cost, desiring to defend even the daughter of the former Demon Lord, even at the cost of fighting against his childhood friends (Yuki, Kurumi, and Takashi). It also led him not wanting to force a relationship between him and Mio due to the Master-Servant Pact. However, Shiba has stated he is good greedy, wanting to everything important to him and increasing the number of things he has to protect at the same time. Similar to his father, he'll even fight against the heroes and gods if it means protecting his loved ones, even fighting in a frenzied stated if either of them are harmed or he believed they died.

However, Basara has a hidden sadistic side to himself, which has been noted by Chisato, who stated he often restrains himself around Mio and the others. But, he soon started showing more and more of this side of himself in dominating the his consorts.

Aside from just his sheer combat skills, Basara has also shown to be calm and analytical using whatever means possible to make a situation go into their favor during political situations, which is mostly shown during the battle against the Demon Lord and Moderate Factions when he killed Belphegor before his match started, then he also planned to kill the other Council Members during the chaos. Then during the conflict caused by the Hero Clan who viewed him and the others as too much of a threat, then decided to control the corruption level that the heroes had with the spirits and gods to his advantage.

I will be watching you. You will slowly suffer this shameful bitterness — and then you will die for me.
~ Basara taunting Belphegor.

Among his positive side, Basara has equally negative sides to himself, he often goes to such extreme lengths to protec those important to him, even if it means doing the same thing that they do. He partnered with Lars, witnessing the death of Zolgear without telling Mio and the others about it, their partnership also being kept secret even to Mio and the others. He had brutally mutilated and cut off Belphegor's crotch, then continued taunting him until his death in secret before their match. Sheila, an experienced succubus noted that his actions and take reckless actions, which could lead him into becoming as bad as Zolgear or losing his life.

Even in his attempt to protect those important to him, Basara has grown to extreme lengths as even though he criticized Belphegor about using drugs on women, he had Mio and the others drug Celis using fertilization medicine in an attempt to ensure that he impregnated her even before she decided to form a Master-Servant Pact with him.

Powers and Abilities

Hero Powers

As a child, Basara was viewed as a prodigy classified as B-Rank despite his age having inherited talent from his father. However, his skills dulled having not trained for five years after being exiled from the Hero Clan, while still stronger compared to a normal human. In Volume VII, Jin stated that he was stronger than he was five years ago due to his battle rust wearing off and constant strengthening from the Master-Servant Pact. After the tournament against the Demon Lord, Basara grew far stronger than ever as in Volume IX, Elders classified him as an S-Rank stronger than Mio Naruse, a Special S-Rank by the Vatican.

In Volume XI, after completing the Master-Servant Vow, gaining the Five Elements from Mio, Maria, Kurumi, Yuki and Zest, and obtaining full compatibility between his four blood, Basara killed Qilin in an instant and held his own against Shiba using both Reginleif's full power and the Five Elements, although the latter was still superior to him. Near the end of Volume XI, Shiba has stated that Basara rivals that of the Strongest Gods, the Ten Gods.

  • Superhuman Strength: It was first seen in Volume 1 when Basara easily sliced straight through a demon with a sword slash. Due to the Master-Servant Pact, his strength has been increased although his strength is no much for such as Leohart, Shiba or his father.
  • Immense Durability: Basara is far more durable compared to that of normal humans, being able to survive wounds such as being stabbed in the same spot twice, both times waking up moments later. Due to both his training and strengthening of the Master-Servant Contract, he could endure attacks from powerful enemies and endured two ki strikes from Shiba, albeit he would've died if not for Chisato Hasegawa saving him.
  • Immense Stamina: Basara has far more stamina and endurance than a normal person, able to continue to fight for extended periods of time, but became lesser after his expulsion from the Hero Clan. After training again, Basara could continue fighting after suffering wounds or exhaustion from a previous fight as seen in Volume II, when he started to fight Takashi Hayase after fighting against Kurumi. Due to him performing the Master-Servant Pact several times with Mio and the others for several hours including the year spent to Chisato, his stamina and endurance have further improved.
  • Immense Speed: Basara is a Speed-Type Fighter as the basis for his style, meaning he uses his speed to his advantage. His battle form is known as an Infinite Slayer, using his immense speed to close the gap in an instant, then uses quick attacks to overwhelm his opponents. He believes the only way to defeat those stronger than him is to defeat them with speed before they could take advantage. In Volume XI, his speed improved to where he avoided all the countless spikes from Qillin, then sliced and walked past it at around the same time. During Uesu's narration of the final battle, it's revealed that Basara has become two times faster than Shiba. Shiba himself even admits Basara's speed is problematic even for him,
    • Afterimages: His speed is such that he can produce several after images of himself in order to fool his opponents who while they're busy striking at where he was he can attack them from where he is.
  • Magic Resistance: Basara is unaffected by low-class magic, as revealed in Volume 1, Maria couldn't perform mind control on him when she tried to force him to leave his home due to his training in the Hero Clan.
  • Enhanced Healing: Like most heroes, from his training in the Hero Clan, he has high recuperative powers, which let him recover from injuries that would take normal humans days just to regain consciousness from.

Master Swordsman: Basara is a remarkably skilled swordsman, as a child, he was hailed as a genius who could gain the upper hand against even experienced Heroes. Despite not training since his banishment, he cut Maria's magic bullet after using Banishing Shift alongside it, then held his own against Lars despite already being injured from before. Basara honed his skills as he continued to face off against powerful opponents, which was improved through training with his father. His speed and skill allowed him to fight against Leohart and Celis, he then sliced through Qillin using a single stroke.

  • Dimension Slash: A technique Basara used during his battle against Gald to sever his arms, where he puts Brynhildr inside its dimensional space before drawing it out in an Iai manner, while still covered in a spacial distortion thus granting it immense penetrative power. Basara also somehow added in Banishing Shift, thus letting him sever Gald's arm to where he couldn't receive a replacement let alone have it reattached.

Demon/God/Dragon Powers

Due to Basara's unique heritage, as a result of being the son of Jin Toujou, the strongest Hero who had drunk the dragon blood of Fafnir, his biological mother; Sapphire, a Demon Lord-Class Demoness and the previous Demon Lord's little sister, and his surrogate/biological mother, Raphaeline, one of the Ten Gods. Due to this, he was also afforded a number of unique abilities beyond that of other characters in the series.

  • Banishing Shift: A unique power that Basara seemed to have inherited from his father who drank the blood of Fafnir and was first perceived as being unique to him. This lets him send anything like physical and magic attacks to the zero dimension, in other words, they're reduced to nothingness and eliminates. In order to use it, Basara needs a perfect spiritual balance. Kaoru explained the complete elimination caused by Banishing Shift is the result of the invocation severing its particular core and due to him being born with different eyes. Since the Demon Realm, he trained to be able to use Banishing Shift using one hand instead of two, but its overall power is lesser compared yet still counter attacks.
    • Shoumetsukensen (消滅剣, Extinction Sword): This is a variant of Banishing Shift that Jin taught him in Volume 7, which focuses on unleashing the eliminating power of Banishing Shift as an attack rather than a counter.
    • Banishing Shift Geminus: This is a variant where Basara uses Banishing Shift twice to disintegrate any target regardless of its origin. He mainly used this to scatter surrounding ki, then the darkness of Shiba's abyss.
    • Banishing Shift Annihilation: His final trump card against Shiba, which far surpassed his Extinction Sword through using his full power and concept of Banishing Shift, thus creating the ultimate a torrent of destructive energy, which simply destroys everything.
  • Master-Servant Contract (Master): Through an "accident", Maria had tied Basara as the Master instead of Mio, binding their souls together. It lets them locate one another as long as there isn't interference and even increase their power based on the servant's loyalty. A downside is that if the servants show defiance of any kind toward him, a curse based on the nature used in forming it will activate, in other words, an aphrodisiac then Basara will need to "subdue" them. So far, he has three servants who all are highly loyal and love him, which increased his overall stats dramatically. In Volume 11, he formed a pact with Maria and Kurumi, which turned to a Vow with all five of them. In Volume 12, Basara formed a pact with Shiba using his nature, that'll send him to the zero dimension if he betrays him; he then tied a Vow with Chisato, Nanao, and Celis.
  • Gravity Magic: As the biological son of Sapphire, Basara also inherited the same gravitational-based magic unique to her heritage like both her older brother and niece. First needing medicine from Sheila and lacking training, he could use it to pin down and crush his enemies. However, after using the soul of Belphegor, he learned to control it better to where he could pull onto the gravitational waves of both Mio and Maria across dimensions when he utilizes them to pull himself outside of the abyss of corruption inside of Shiba.
    • Gravity Slash: After imbuing Brynhildr with crimson aura Basara slashes the blade down crushing his target with a wave of pure gravitational force.
    • Banyuusekiryoku (万有斥力, Universal Rejection Power): A power opposite to Banishing Shift, where controls and amplifies the power from his mother using the soul of Belphegor. Banyuusekiryoku works opposite from Banishing Shift, where he makes an infinite space and stores attacks instead of erasing it. As such, it acts as a complete defense against magical and physical attacks. Offensively, Basara is able to negate even the magic of holy swords and move at godly speed.
  • Divine Contract: After Chisato revealed her identity as a Goddess to Basara, they entered a contract with each other. With it, Basara can access her powers, which are normally sealed, and use them in combat or other situations.
  • Divine Protection: Since Basara is under the divine protection of both Raphaeline and Chisato, he's able to control the corruption level of the Hero Clan's contracts with the spirits and gods inside of the Human World and influence them to his favor.
  • Divine Aura: While absorbed inside of Shiba, Basara utilized the powers of both Chisato and Raphaeline to produce a divine aura capable of protecting him from the endless abyss of corruption inside of Shiba.
  • Magic Barrier: As a side effect of the Master-Servant Vow, Basara became able to create a powerful magic barrier based around his four blood, five elements, and yin-yang. He mainly uses this barrier so that he can have outside sex with his harems without them worrying about others seeing them, which the other girls can use as well.
  • Replication: Basara can create up to four clones of himself.
  • Conceptual Activation: With the full extent of his powers under his control, he is able to swap between the physical and conceptual manifestations of his abilities. As such, he could use the concept of "repelling" from using Banyuusekiryoku, however, doing this recklessly then he could also repel the oxygen that he needs to breathe and the space that he exists in.

Other Skills

Keen Intellect: Similar to his father, Basara is a very observant and clever youth, having minimal problems with his study in school. Befitting a member of the Hero Clan, he a great knowledge about demons, spirits, and gods; able to learn about the abilities and weaknesses of his opponents before or after a fight. He can both learn new powers and techniques through training and learning more things about his unique bloodline.

  • Master Strategist: Basara has also been shown that once he understands what his enemies are planning to do, as shown in his meeting with The Elders who treated them as a potential hostile threat to the Human World, devising highly effective countermeasures and strategies. He can also quickly devise new strategies even in the middle of a fight to defeated or surprise his opponent in critical moments.
  • Deductive Reasoning: Basara has consistently proven that once given a bare minimal amount of evidence he is able to both deduce the true identities of most of his enemies and their plans even when they attempt to hide from him.

General Affairs Manager: During his time as a member of the Student Council, Basara has demonstrated that he's greatly reliable in handling difficult situations for the Student Council during their preparations for the sports festival. His managerial capabilities have earned him great trust and respect from the members of the Student Council to the point that he has an open invitation to join after the winter break.

Sexual Dominance Expert: Thanks to expert training by Maria and extensive practice with his servants, Basara has become highly proficient in the ways of sexually subduing women, to the point that he is able to easily make one of his classmate's orgasm several times in mere moments by simply groping her breasts.

Sensory Perception: As Basara continued growing leaps and bounds through Volume VII, he can sense and feel things that he couldn't before as he could sense Leohart arriving in Volume XI. his senses became further honed in volume XII, as evidenced by Basara being able to sense the "Anti-Alliance" spy based upon their Ki.


Brynhildr: The Strongest Valkyrie who sacrificed herself to seal a powerful S-Rank evil spirit, then was sealed in a demonic sword that shares her name, which was kept in the Japanese Hero Clan. After Basara killed Seito who broke the seal on Brynhildr and later rampaged, it chose him to keep from being eliminated. At first, he wasn't as compatible with Brynhildr due to viewing it as a tool as he still feared it. Though, he overcame this by overcoming his fear and accepting his true nature, dramatically raising his compatibility. Armor: Basara is able to don armor based on how much he is synched with Brynhildr, the most basic being the one that covers his arm. The second being the armor that covers his entire arm and causing parts of his hair to turn green as shown when Brynhildr went out of control. After he overcame his fears and realized his heritage, Basara became able to utilize a unique armor through syncing with Brynhildr even more. Basara Demon Armor

  • Basara's complete demon form

    Demon Armor: During volume VII, he used a special medicine Sheila prepared to stimulate his demonic blood, making it possible for him further synchronize with Brynhildr even more. As such, he dons a black battle armor with a silver armor cover his entire arm, silver shoulder pad on his shoulder, a silver halo-like object on his back, two green ribbon streaks running down his chest; the wings on Brynhildr opens up and the length doubles; and parts of his hair turns green. This armor boosts his power to the point of being able to overpower the current demon lord, Leohart in battle, and is able to even use Gravity Magic. In the anime, this Demon Armor puts a strain on his mind and body, but in the light novel, Basara just went on an uncontrolled rampage.
  • Basara's complete God form

    God Armor (Anime Original): A form that Basara used when he fought the Heroic Spirit and Demon God, Chaos, giving him silver full-bodied armor, a large halo-like object mounted to his back, two green ribbon-like streaks going down from his chest and turned his hair green.
  • Full-Bodied Armor: In Volume XI, he had manifested a full-bodied armor for Brynhildr using all his four bloodlines, five elements, and yin-yang all being in perfect spiritual balance granting him the most powerful he had ever used. Differing Shiba who sacrificed his humanity to kill gods and demons after absorbing Reginleif, Basara maintained his humanity. Through the usage of his dragon power, Basara is able to fly unrestricted without wings. Despite being stronger wearing this armor, he admitted that he wouldn't be able to defend against his attacks and broke after being exposed to Shiba's corruption.


Jin Toujou

Jin Toujou Since he and Jin left the "village" 5 years ago, it has always been the two of them. Though the two share the typical father and son relationship, Basara holds him with high regard, displaying anger when he finds out that Mio and Maria are deceiving him.

Mio Naruse

Being an older brother to Mio, he is protective of her and even declared that he would save her how many times. Even after he finds out that Mio and Maria have been deceiving him all along, he still rescued and protected her, living up to his word.

After Maria's spell backfired, Basara and Mio now share a "master and slave" relationship.

Yuki Nonaka

Chisato Hasegawa


  • Although not revealed at the time, Basara is in a relationship later engaged to Mio, Chisato, and Maria, all three of them are his cousins making it incest.
  • Basara has done mulitple things in an attempt to protect Mio and the others, which could fall into gray areas and others such as Sheila became concerned about finding his actions reckless.
    • Aligning himself with Lars, then killing Zolgear in secret without telling Mio and the others initially stopping Mio from using the same.
    • Killing and multilating Belphegor in secret, then planned on doing the same to the rest of the Demon Council members (the latter was done by Liala).
    • Fed Celis fertility medicine in an attempt to impregane her without her knowledge.

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