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Bashmouth is an unknown Mutant Alien Hybrid and one of the aliens in the Antitrix, appearing in the 2016 Ben 10 series.


Bashmouth appears as a husky werewolf with grey and red armor. Having a shoulderpad on his right arm, a pair of gauntlets and a tunic with trousers. He also has metal teeth, similar to a beartrap. his fur is dark blue and light grey.


Ben 10 (2016)

Bashmouth first appeared in the episode Introducing Kevin 11, where Kevin Levin turned into him to fight against Four Arms, only to later help him from preventing a building they were fighting under from falling down, Bashmouth later left after eating a stake.

Bashmouth later appeared in the episode My Bodyguard, where Keving turned into him to help both Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson to fight against Zombozo.

Bashmouth returns in the episode Heat of the Moment, where Kevin turned into him so that he could fight against both Ben and the Weather Heads, only to presumably leave.

In the episode Van Diagram, Bootleg turned into Bashmouth to fight against Rath during a race, only to turn back into Kevin.

In the episode You Remind Me of Someone, after Kevin was knocked out by the gas of the Forgeti, Kevin though he was Ben and so turned into Bashmouth and Undertow to fight against the real Ben who though he was Kevin, until they remembered who they truly were and Kevin Left.

In the episode Roundabout: Part 1, Kevin turned into Bashmouth to fight against both Ben and Charmcaster, only to be stopped by the Forever Knight.

In the episode The Monsters in Your Head, Kevin turned into Bashmouth to help Ben, Gwen and Max Tennyson to fight against Dr. Animo and his mutant army, only to possably leave a bit afterwards.

In the episode Bottomless Ben, Kevin turned into Bashmouth to fight against Humungousar, only to notice a park ranger and so went to help fight against a rouge minor, only to be defeated and turned back into Kevin.

In the episode Digital Quality, Kevin turned into Bashmouth to help Ben to fight against Lord Decibel until he obtained an AMSR CD just so that he could go to sleep.

In the episode De-Fanged, Kevin turned into Bashmouth to fight against Ben in a form of Laser Tag.

Bashmouth appeared in a flashback in the episode Mock 10, where Kevin went to explain why he wanted to steal a train.

Bashmouth appeared in Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, where Kevin turned into him to fight against or escape from Vilgax.

Bashmouth also appears in the video game Ben 10: Power Trip, where Kevin could use him in various battles.


  • Bashmouth shares some similarities to the Laboans, such as Blitzwolfer and Scout.
  • Bashmouth is considered to be the counterpart of Rath by most fans.
  • Bashmouth is considered to by Kevin Levin's favorite alien.


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