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DOA5 Bass Render

Bass Armstrong (バース・アームストロング, Bāsu Āmusutorongu), also known in Dead or Alive 5 as Mr. Strong (ミスター・ストロング, Misutā Sutorongu), is a retired professional wrestler from the Dead or Alive series. He made his first debut in the PlayStation version of Dead or Alive as a playable character.

He is the over-protective father of Tina Armstrong. Throughout the series, Bass has consistently tried to stop Tina from dropping her title as a pro-wrestler to become a Hollywood sensation.


A retired professional wrestler and father of Tina Armstrong, Bass enters the Dead or Alive Tournaments to stop Tina from dropping her title as a pro-wrestler to become a Hollywood sensation. The reason why is unknown, but some suspect that he made a promise to his deceased wife Alicia to protect Tina and make her into a woman of importance. He holds a job as an oil platform worker, which is how he knows Rig.


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