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I'm Bat-Rabbit

Bat-Rabbit is a supporting character from The Looney Tunes Show. He is a parody of Batman. He is played by Bugs Bunny.


When Bugs mourns for the death his parents who are killed by a masked criminal, Bugs vows to avenge his parents, he falls on a well inhabited by Bats, Bugs later becomes a crimefighter also fight crimes to protect the citizens. As Bat-Rabbit, Bugs outsmarts a criminal to give the necklace to Tina and Daffy.


  • Bat-Rabbit is similar to Bruce Wayne from Batman, both of them avenge their parents and become the crimefighters and fight crime for the good of citizens.
  • Bat-Rabbit is similiar to Batman from the Nolanverse movies, both of them had their deep voice while they speak in the ego form. Both of them are crime-stoppers who fight for justice.