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Batman 29 arkham city 2011 by jmk prime

The Bat Family was Batman's team that included his main allies. This group is ready to support him in every possible occasion.


Alfred appeared at a stressful point in his and Bruce's relationship. Oracle also appears in Origins, but as a young Barbara Gordon who sent Batman on a mission to get rid of Penguin's weapons crates. Barbara was clearly upset with her father and the justice system in Gotham City. Barbara hinted at Batman that a partnership could be formed. Although Dick Grayson himself did not appear in the story, a poster that showed the Flying Graysons could be found at the GCPD.

Oracle communicated with Batman via three-way radio communications during the night.

In the year between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City , Oracle, Alfred, Robin, and Nightwing helped Batman get more information on the Arkham City Project, and Mayor Quincy Sharp's mysterious associate, Professor Hugo Strange.



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