Hero Overview

Batgirl is a character in DC Super Hero Girls. Her civilian identity is Barbara Gordon, a member of the IT department at Super Hero High and a student of Gotham City High. She is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and a good friend of Supergirl.

Batgirl is ca-rAy-zy smart. In fact, she’s so smart that she got into Super Hero High based on her brain power alone, not her super powers (she wasn’t born with any). When she’s not honing her detective skills, she’s figuring out cool new ways to use her incredible gadgets. She was voiced by Mae Whitman who also voices Shanti, Katara, April O'Neil and Tinkerbell.


Batgirl has light skin, with long wavy red hair and green eyes.

As Barbara Gordon, she wears her hair in a ponytail and has black glasses on. She wears a yellow tank top with a loose short black shirt on top and blue jeans on. She has a indigo sweatshirt tied around her waist and has yellow and black boots.

As Batgirl, she wears a dark blue bat-hoodie with a golden bat logo in the middle. She also wears a utility belt and some long black skinny jeans. The backpack she wears also has black bat wings attached either side and golden arm bracelets.

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