~ Batgirl to Nightwing.

Batgirl (actually Barbara Gordon) is a minor character in Teen Titans Go!. She is a superhero vigilante who fights crime. She is the daugther of James Gordon In an alternate timeline she is married to Dick Grayson and has three children.

She was voiced by Tara Strong who also voiced Raven (Teen Titans Go!).


In a alternate future she marries Robin and has three kids with him. but Beast Boy and Cyborg cause troble in their home which makes robin call on Starfire and Raven to stop them. In the commotion, Batgirl appeared and shushed her husband for making so much noise... he was disturbing the children. In this moment of distraction, Beast Boy and Cyborg end up going back in time and change the future so Batgirl and Nightwing never got together.

She later makes a camio at Auqamans party for titians east


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