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I'm Batman!
~ Batman

Bruce Wayne/Batman is the main protagonist of the upcoming 2018 Batman fan film, Batman Unveiled. The film is a sequel to Batman (1989), but a prequel to Batman Returns (1992). He is portrayed by Caillou Pettis.

Few details are currently known about Pettis' Batman, but we do know that he will be going up against Harley Quinn and The Joker in a desperate attempt to keep his identity under wraps, after Joker is on a hunt to find out who Bruce Wayne really is.

Batman Unveiled

In Batman Unveiled, Bruce Wayne must wear the Batsuit in an attempt to thwart the Joker and Harley Quinn's plans to find and destroy Bruce Wayne and Batman, in order to continue hiding his real identity as Bruce Wayne.


Bruce Wayne is having trouble becoming Batman at nights, trying to stop crime, since a while ago, the police of Gotham City thought he was the one who dropped The Joker from a skyscraper. However, Joker dropped himself, and Batman did not drop him. But whenever, Bruce puts on the cape and cowl, he has to serve justice to the city of Gotham, all while trying to prove he did not attempt to kill The Joker. Even though Joker is still alive in the film, the police still have their concerns as to whether or not Batman dropped Joker from the skyscraper.


  • Batman's batsuit in the film, is supposedly an upgrade from the Batsuit used in Batman (1989).

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