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NOTE: This article is about Batman from the Tim Burton and Joel Shumacher film series, For other Batman incarnations, check out the disambiguation.
Hero Overview

I'm not going to kill you. I want you to do me a favor. I want you to tell all your friends about me. I'm Batman!
~ Batman's most famous line.
You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
~ Batman to Joker
I'll get drive thru.
~ Batman to Alfred
This is why Superman works alone
~ Batman to Robin

Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman, is the titular protagonist of Tim Burton's 1989 Academy Award winning superhero film Batman, its sequels and the Batman '89 comic miniseries and is set to return as the deuteragonist of the 2022 DCEU film The Flash.

He is portrayed by Michael Keaton, who also played Jack Frost in the 1998 movie of the same name for the first two films followed by Val Kilmer in Batman Forever, and lastly by George Clooney in Batman & Robin.



Early life

Young Bruce Wayne

The Wayne family went to the Monarch Theater to see Footlight Frenzy. After the movie, the family happily walked down the sidewalk and into an alleyway. In the alley the Waynes were confronted by two thugs. One of them goes up to them and tears Martha's pearl necklace off of her neck, and Thomas struggles with that thug. The second thug pulls out a gun and shoots down Thomas. Martha screams, and she is then shot down by the same thug.

The fateful night

The thug that Thomas had struggled with begins to run away, as the thug with the gun approaches Bruce, saying, "Tell me kid.... you ever dance with the Devil by the pale moon light?" The thug with the gun comes out of the shadows wearing a wide, demented grin. The cops can be heard coming and the first thug shouts, "Let's go, Jack!" Jack then says, "See you around, kid", and begins to walk away, leaving Bruce alone in the alley.

The gunman

Little did he know that his prediction would come true—that he and Bruce would meet again...

"The Bat"

Years later in an alleyway, a family is lost in Gotham City, and walks into an alley guided by the father who says, "I know where we are". In the alley, they are asked by a thug to give him a dollar, to which they walk right past, with the father speeding them up. When they are about to turn around a corner, the father is knocked out cold by a second thug with a gun. He tells the wife not to scream as he points the gun at the kid, while the first thug searches the father's body and steals his wallet. The two thugs then run away, and the wife screams about what happened. Unknown to the thugs, Batman was watching from a building above them, and goes to confront them.


The two thugs sit on a rooftop going through the father's wallet, when the first thug says he's scared of being up high, and begins to talk about how one of their friends was killed by "The Bat". The second thug dismisses it, saying that there is no "Bat" as Batman begins to descend directly behind them. Batman then surprises both thugs, overpowering one and holding the other by his shirt over the building's ledge.The thug pleads with Batman not to kill him, Batman tells him that he won't, but he wants him to do him a favor: "tell all your friends about me". When the thug asks who he is, Batman says, "I'm Batman".

Meeting Vicki Vale

A charity part is held at Wayne Manor by Bruce. Some of the guests include Commissioner Jim Gordon and the new district attorney Harvey Dent, along with reporter Alexander Knox and photographer Vicki Vale. Bruce is at a table with other men when Vicki approaches him asking, "Do you know which of these guys is Bruce Wayne?" Bruce jokes by saying, "Well I'm not sure." Vicki took the answer seriously and left with Knox to search for Bruce throughout the mansion. Bruce follows Knox and Vicki into an armory hall and hears their remarks about the armor and him. When Alexander and Vicki wonder about where a set of samurai armor came from Bruce tells them it's Japanese, "Because I bought it from Japan". When Knox asks who he is Bruce reveals himself to be Bruce Wayne to which Vicki jokes, "Are you sure?" "Yeah this time," Bruce remarks. The trio begins to talk about Batman when Alfred Pennyworth comes in telling Bruce that Commissioner Gordon was compelled to leave very unexpectedly. Bruce then leaves.

Face-Off at Axis Chemicals

After Gordon arrives at the chemical plant, Batman appears and fights Napier's men before apprehending Napier. Jack's right hand man Bob threatens Gordon, telling Batman to let Jack go. Batman does and Jack smiles, saying, "Nice outfit". Bob tries to get him to leave but Jack tries to shoot at Batman. He fires a shot at him but it ricochets off of Batman's gauntlet, into a wall, and through Jack's face making him fall off the catwalk. Batman goes to save him, and grabs his hand, but Jack slips from Batman's grip and falls into a vat of chemicals. Gordon then tells his men to grab Batman, but Batman throws down a smoke pellet, and uses his grapple to escape through the ceiling.

Date with Wayne

Vicki has dinner with Bruce in a very large dining room. After a while of trying to manage the date because of the long dining-room table, they decide to eat in the kitchen with Alfred. Alfred then begins to tell stories about Bruce's childhood. Alfred eventually leaves, and Bruce reveals that Alfred is the only family he has. Bruce and Vicki then head upstairs and sleep together in Wayne's room. The next morning, Vicki asks Bruce if they could have lunch at her place so she could show him some photos, but Bruce says he can't because he will have to be out for a couple of days. Vicki tells him that they will get together when he gets home. While walking down a flight of stairs, Vicki learns from Alfred that Bruce is not leaving town. Vicki decides to follow Bruce, wondering why he was being so secretive. Vicki follows Bruce onto a street where he places two roses on the ground. Vicki approaches the roses and picks them up, intrigued. She then continues to follow Bruce.

Jack Napier is Still Alive as The Joker

Bruce is in front of City Hall when a mobster that worked for Boss Carl Grissom walks out and is asked questions by Knox. The newly created Joker suddenly appears and kills the mobster by throwing a pen into his neck, before proclaiming to the audience, "The pen is truly mightier than the sword". He then walks away as his men, dressed as mimes, fire semi-automatics. Bruce's jacket gets shot as Bruce approaches Joker's limousine. He sees Joker's face and recognizes him as Jack Napier. Bruce then turns and sees Vicki Vale, and then heads back to Wayne Manor. Bruce returns home and tells Alfred that Jack Napier is still alive and has taken over Grissom's organization. Alfred then tells him that Vicki Vale called, before hinting that she might be a positive influence on the troubled man.


While watching the news about two models dying at a beauty salon, and then three new deaths, the female anchor begins to laugh hysterically and fall to the ground dead. Suddenly Joker appears on the screen making a fake commercial for his poison Smilex that he has put into an unknown item, saying that people probably have bought it already. Bruce then turns off the screen and tells Alfred that they are going to go shopping.

The Flugleheim Museum

At Wayne Manor Alfred hears a message from Vicki about how she will be ten minutes late getting to the museum. Alfred tells this to Bruce who suddenly realizes that he isn't seeing Vicki that day. Vicki waits at the Flugleheim Museum, and is found by the Joker. While he was trying to seduce/mutilate Vicki, Batman bursts through the ceiling window. He grabs Vicki, pulls out a grapple, and gets Vicki out of the museum. Bruce and Vicki get into the Batmobile and then drive away. Shortly afterwards Joker's men drive after them in their cars. Batman manages to give them the slip, causing several car crashes.

The Batmobile

Bruce and Vicki get out of the Batmobile and run into an alleyway. While running Batman initiates the Batmobile's shields to keep it safe. In the alley Bruce fires a grapple and gives the handle to Vicki. It propels her up onto a catwalk, and she than walks onto a rooftop and looks down. Joker's men arrive and shoot Batman down. Joker's men begin to inspect Batman, when Bob tells them to "take off the mask." When one of the thugs is about to, Vicki takes a picture and they notice the flash and begin to shoot up at her. Batman then springs up off the ground and takes down the Joker's men.


Batman with Vicki

Batman and Vicki get back into the Batmobile and drive into a wooded area. They eventually drive through a trap door in a cliff and enter a long tunnel, and then a raised platform in the Batcave. Batman reveals that the Smylex toxin wasn't put into just one product, but many, and that the toxin only works when certain components are mixed, making it untraceable. Batman gives Vicki a file containing the cosmetic products to avoid mixing and tells her to get it to the press. Batman says that the Joker is psychotic, to which Vicki replies, "Some people say the same thing about you." Eventually when Vicki asks if there is anything else, Batman tells her that she has something else that he needs, and Batman then knocks Vicki out and takes her camera film.

Vicki's Apartment

Alfred tells Bruce that he should confess to Vicki, and Bruce then leaves to do so. Bruce goes to Vicky Vale's apartment to tell her that he is Batman. Before he could do so, he gets into a heated argument with her about how he lied about leaving town after having a dinner date with her, and even sleeping with her. They are then interrupted by the doorbell. When Vicki answers the door, the Joker barges in with his men, angry about what happened at the museum.

Bruce goes out to confront him. He tells the Joker a story about a man named Jack (hinting that he knows the Joker's true identity), remarking that he was a "Mean kid, bad seed, hurt people." Bruce then tells of how Jack's life of crime screwed him over. As he finishes his story, Bruce then takes the opportunity to flip out and threatens Joker with a fireplace poker. The Joker then pulls a gun on him and asks, "Tell me something my friend -- you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?".

Bruce was stunned at those words, and Joker claims he says that to every person he kills, just because he likes the sound of it. Joker then shoots and apparently kills Bruce before he leaves. Vicki goes to check on Bruce, only to find out he is gone and that he used a silver platter to protect himself from the bullet.

Joker's Party

During a press conference with the mayor, the Joker intercepts the live television feed to announce there will be a parade with 20 million dollars in cash being thrown to the crowd, and a challenge between him and Batman. Bruce watches this as he looks over the police file on his parents' murder. He then comes to the conclusion that the Joker killed his parents. Vicky arrives, knowing that he is Batman through the alley pictures she took, and the newspaper report on his parents' murder. Bruce hints that even though he kept her at a distance, he does love her. She tries talking Bruce out of being Batman, but Bruce refuses, knowing that if he stops now no one will stop the Joker. The parade goes off like Joker promised. Batman then shows up on his Batplane. But Joker is ready for him; he and his thugs put gas masks on and releases Smylex gas from the parade balloons to the city intent on killing Gotham. Batman steals all the balloons and releases them into the sky. Joker, feeling that stealing his balloons is the last straw, shoots Batman's plane down with a comically long barreled pistol.

The Cathedral Fight and Joker's Death

"Duel of The Freaks", Batman confronts The Joker one last time.

After Batman crashes into a nearby cathedral, Joker takes Vicky hostage inside the cathedral and up to the top. Batman follows him and fights off the Joker's thugs while the Joker dances with Vicki, taunting Batman. After Batman beats all the thugs, he comes after the Joker, asking him the same question he was asked: "You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?". He then severely beats the Joker, promising to kill him. The Joker reminds Batman that he made him what he is. Batman then counters him with the murder of his parents, stating "I made you, you made me first." The Joker is stunned by this revelation, to the point where he backs away in terror. Batman then knocks him off the tower. Joker grabs Batman and Vicki and has them hanging off of the cathedral ledge. The Joker tries to escape when his thugs arrive by helicopter. Batman shoots a grappling hook onto Joker's leg and tethering it to a gargoyle. The gargoyle breaks off, weighing the Joker down. The Joker, unable to hold on, falls to his death. Just after, Batman and Vicki fall, but luckily Batman uses his grappling gun to save himself and Vicki.

Gotham's Acceptance

The Bat Signal.

Batman sends a letter to Gotham City Hall saying that if Gotham has any crimes that become too much for the police, to call him. Knox asks "How do we call him?", to which Commissioner Gordon replies, "He gave us a signal", unveiling the new Bat-signal, which Batman is later seen viewing in triumph.

Batman Returns

You know what, I mistook me for somebody else.
~ Bruce Wayne

Keeping his promise, Bruce continued his endeavors as the Batman; patrolling Gotham's streets and inflicting terror into the heart of the city's shrinking crime populace. His persistence to this path eventually led to Vicki leaving him; alienated by Bruce's inability to resolve his duality as Batman and Bruce Wayne.

The Red Triangle Gang

During the Christmas season, Gotham began to be overrun by rogue circus performers known as The Red Triangle Gang. The police are unable to stop them, so Gordon orders the Bat-signal to be activated. Batman then appears and manages to scare off most of the gang. He also manages to rescue a frightened secretary named Selina Kyle.

The Penguin Ascends

While deterred by Batman's arrival, the circus gang remained a threat and, the following morning, a member of the gang publicly attempted to kidnap the mayor's baby during a public presentation. While attempting to escape via the sewers, the gang member "encountered" the Penguin who took the baby from the thug and, emerging from the sewers and before the crowd, returned the baby to the mayor. Watching the reports of the event, Bruce initially felt sympathy following the Penguin's speech about finding his parents. However, when observing how calmly Shreck stood next to the deformed creature as the press took photos, Bruce's suspicions were perked. As the Penguin was admitted private access to the city's Hall of Records to trace the family records for his parents, Bruce began investigating into the Red Triangle Circus gang's past to see if there was a connection between them and the Penguin. Discovering reports of the circus once possessing an "aquatic birdboy" as part of its freakshow performers, Bruce found adequate cause to suspect the Penguin of ulterior motives in his "return" to Gotham.

Selina Kyle

Bruce attended a meeting with Shreck the following day to contest his latest venture to build a new powerplant to supplant Gotham's power reserves. During the meeting, Bruce mentioned suspicions of the Penguin running the Red Triangle Circus gang. While Bruce expected Shreck's outburst on the accusation, the appearance of Selina Kyle was something he was unprepared for. Recognizing her, but as a more confident woman than the one he had encountered earlier on, Bruce was immediately smitten with the secretary. Whilst talking, Bruce momentarily forgot where he was and let slip knowledge of their previous encounter.


Bruce returned to monitoring Gotham's streets for signs of the Red Triangle Circus gang's movements, and so was ready when the gang emerged to cause more public damage. While working his way through the gang members and losing one of his batarangs during an encounter, Bruce managed to confront the Penguin. The Penguin let slip his intention to become the city's mayor, but was interrupted when a "cat-woman" appeared before them moments before the destruction of Shreck's store. As the Penguin used the opportunity to escape via a helicopter-umbrella, Bruce turned to pursue the "cat-woman" only to be ambushed by the villainess and become momentarily perplexed by her alternating passive/aggressive attacks; ultimately becoming seduced enough for her to get in close enough to stab him through the weakest portions of his armor.

Tree-lighting Ceremony

Bruce and Selina

Returning to the cave to attend to his wounds, Bruce observes the Penguin's official challenge against the Gotham mayor for mayorship of the city on the television the following day; noting that the challenge was also aimed at Batman himself. Bruce goes to the Gotham Plaza during the day as a precaution; observing the preparation for the night's ceremony but becoming distracted when he encounters Selina window shopping. After a short conversation that led to their discussing the public opinions of their alter egos, Bruce invited Selina to spend the night at the manor. After a brief reluctance due to her own plans that night, Selina accepted. That night, the pair reclined to the watch the lighting of the tree ceremony but became more interested in each other instead. However, their attempts to get more intimate were deterred by the prospect of having to explain the injuries they each had received during their forays as Batman and Catwoman. Eventually jarred out of it by a news report announcing the kidnapping of the ceremony's Ice Princess and Batman's suspected involvement due to the discovery of the batarang that he had lost the previous night. Making an excuse to leave, Bruce leaves Selina in the lounge while he enters the Batcave to don a Batsuit and investigate the kidnapping personally. While he does so, Selina also excuses herself from the manor and rushes to Gotham to do her part in the Penguin's plot against Batman. Entering Gotham, Bruce parks the Batmobile in an alleyway. He tracks down the Ice Princess tied to a chair in an adjacent building. Making his way to her he attempts to free her only to run up against Catwoman who, after a brief engagement, takes the princess hostage and ascends the building. As Bruce follows, he once again discovers the princess alone, this time standing on the edge of the building's roof, however, before he could bring her to safety, the Penguin appears and throws an umbrella before the princess that releases bats. Startled by the flying creatures, the princess topples over the edge of the building, plummeting to her death and uncannily landing on the switch she had to press to light the tree. However as the tree was lit, the sudden eruption of light startled a massive flock of bats that had been stowed amongst the tree's branches. The bats erupted from the Christmas tree and flew into the crowd, causing mass hysteria in the gathered populace.

Bugged Batmobile

Batman and Catwoman

Accused of pushing the princess off the edge and for planting the bats within the tree, Batman tried to apprehend the Penguin but he was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Gotham's police who, due to Batman's reputation, shot at him on sight. The force of the bullets on his body armor forced him over the edge of the building only to land on another one where the Catwoman was waiting for him. Easily pinning him down in his weakened condition, she again attempted to seduce him; licking his face under a mistletoe that was conveniently above them. However, when she tried to stab him again her claw only punctured armor. Fully recovered and throwing her off, Bruce moved to the edge of the building and converted his cape into a glider; gliding his way to where he stowed the Batmobile only to find that the Penguin had gained control of the car and, while he was in it, sent the car on a destruction joy-ride through the Gotham streets. Batman manages to find the device that the Penguin had planted which would give him full control of the Batmobile and tears it out, almost hitting an old woman. The Penguin screams in frustration so Batman smashes the video-screen that projected his face. Unfortunately, the Penguin's plan had worked and Batman's reputation as a hero was debunked in the eyes of the Gotham public.

Smear Campaign

The following day, Bruce formed his own plan in retaliation and waited for the Penguin's public address; hacking into the plaza speakers and replaying unflattering quotes the Penguin had spat at him the previous night during the Batmobile's joy-ride. The ploy had the intended effect; effectively turning the Penguin's supporters and public opinion against him. Penguin's reaction turned violent as his supporters and Max Shreck abandoned him. Firing into the crowd, the creature fled to the park where he returned to his lair beneath the city.

Face to Face

While repairing the Batmobile, Bruce makes plans to attend Shreck's costume party to see Selina again. Attending the party, ironically without a mask, he momentarily confronts Shreck once again before finding Selina, who was also not wearing a mask. While the pair quickly start where they left off romantically, Selina eventually breaks down; revealing to Bruce that she had come to kill Shreck for what he had done to her. Furthermore, an off-hand quote about mistletoe that the pair had spoken to each other previously as their alter egos caused Bruce to realize she was Catwoman, and her to realize he was Batman. Intending to work things out, the pair left the dance floor just as the Penguin blew the floor apart and appeared from beneath it to announce his intention to kidnap and murder all of Gotham's first-born sons as retribution for what his parents had done to him. The Penguin then takes Max Shreck with him into the sewers as retribution for abandoning him. Leaving the party, Bruce immediately set out to stop the Red Triangle Circus gang members as they gathered babies into a circus train. Capturing the gang members, he let the Organ Grinder's monkey escape with a note to deliver to the Penguin. The note is revealed to be a formal in-attendance letter, mocking the Penguin's attempt.

Liberation of Gotham and Penguin's Death

As the Penguin enacted his second plan to use his penguins to destroy Gotham itself, Bruce used the Batski to enter the city sewers and home in on the Penguin's hideout; simultaneously working with Alfred in the Batcave to block the penguin army's control signal and redirect the penguins to the abandoned zoo. Cutting off the Penguin's escape route by using a tunnel that led to the zoo above, Bruce confronted the Penguin and the two fought. The Penguin pulled a blade out of his umbrella, while Batman pulled out a black box with a red light. The Penguin thinks the device is some kind of weapon, so he manages to wrestle it off Batman and pushes the button, only to find that Batman had once again tricked the Penguin into releasing the penguins' missiles within the zoo; causing the base's destruction. A flock of bats then surround the Penguin and cause him to fall through the skylight and land amongst glass and sewerage of the base's lagoon.

"Split, Right Down the Centre"


Descending into the lagoon, Batman caught sight of Selina stalking Max Shreck. He moved to stop her from killing the mogul; pleading with her stop her vendetta before it destroyed her. Knowing that he couldn't reason with her as an enemy, Batman pulled off his mask and tried to reason with her as a lover. His pleas fall on deaf ears, however, and as Shreck pulls a gun and shoots Bruce in the chest, Selina corners him and uses a taser she had acquired from a Red Triangle gang member to personally electrocute the corrupt tycoon; causing the base's power generator to explode as she did so. Recovering from the attack, Bruce began searching for Selina amongst the wreckage only to find the charred remains of Max Shreck. His search was further interrupted when the Penguin, slowly bleeding to death, attempted one last time to kill Batman only to pick up the wrong umbrella. The Penguin, poisoned from the polluted lagoon water, drops dead. Bruce then watched as a group of emperor penguins dragged their master to the water's edge and let him sink beneath the surface.

"Good Will to All Men...And Women"

Bruce is last seen being driven through the streets by Alfred. As they were passing an alleyway, Bruce thought he saw Selena's silhouette and urged Alfred to stop the car. However, when he enters the alley he only finds a black cat, which he picks up and takes into the car with him and returns home as the bat signal is lit once again, not knowing that Catwoman was alive and well.

Batman Forever

Fighting Two-Face and Helping Dick Grayson

In Gotham, Batman arrived at Second Gotham Bank to stop Two-Face who was committing a robbery. Batman foiled the robbery but Two-Face escaped. While at the bank Batman encountered Dr. Chase Meridian and they shared an instant attraction towards one another. Bruce Wayne then pursued the relationship. At Wayne Enterprises Edward Nygma developed The Box which spiked images directly into the users brain. Bruce stopped the project which pushed Nygma to become the Riddler. Wayne took Chase Meridian to the circus where Two-Face arrived, threatening to blow up the circus unless Batman revealed his true identity. The Flying Graysons got rid of the bomb but Dick Grayson was the only member to survive. Bruce allowed Dick to stay at his mansion as he sees similarities to himself but Dick does not want to accept that.

Story with Chase and The Riddler's Rising to Power

Bruce revealed to Chase that he was being haunted by suppressed memories. Bruce then took Chase to Nygma's the box launch where he tested the box supplying the Riddler with the knowledge of Batman's true identity. After the battle with Two-Face in the subway, Bruce is left in the dilemma of continuing to be Batman, seeing as it GNN news intimidated him and Two-Face for the destruction of the subway and saw that he was just Batman to fight against their greatest fear, decides to give up being Batman also to have a normal life with Chase. Later, Edward Nigma goes totally crazy and kills his own boss, throwing him to the sea, after that, Nigma went to his house, and suiting up as an enemy to Batman to kill and defeat him. Nigma costumed, decides to call himself The Riddler and goes to team up with Two-Face against Batman. Nigma develops much more as he can "The Box" - a kind of a special weapon that hypnotizing all Gotham City's civilians in order to rule the entire city.

The Riddler and Two-Face teams up and Teaming Up with Dick

The Riddler and Two-Face invaded Wayne Manor, destroy the Batcave and kidnap Chase. The next day Bruce has been temporarily amnesiac; does not remember being Batman, by what Alfred what leads to him to a section of the Batcave where he entails fight his nightmares and his fear. In this section observes his father's diary and realizes that the death of his parents was never his fault and then finds the secret of the Batcave, the giant bat. After rehabilitation and accept that is Batman, Bruce and Alfred solve the last riddle and discover that Riddler is none other than Edward Nygma. Both the time they go to a chamber tests the Batcave where Bruce used the new prototype Sonar Batsuit. Dick Grayson assumed the identity of Robin and went with Batman to save Chase.

The Battle in The Claw Island and Defeating the Villains

They got to the island that the Riddler and Two-Face had made their base, Two-Face captured Robin and the Riddler tried to force Batman to make a choice between Chase and Robin. Batman destroyed the mind device, driving the Riddler insane and then sending him to Arkham Asylum. Then he saved Chase and Robin whom a crazed Riddler dropped to their expected deaths. Two-Face confronted the trio but his weakness of needing confirmation from his coin gave Batman the upper hand. Two-Face flipped his coin and Batman threw a handful of coins at him which made him lose his coin and his balance and he fell to his death. Taking pity on his former employee, Batman answered the Riddler's riddle ("You see, I'm both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Not because I have to be. But because I choose to be."). It is unknown if the Riddler actually understood the answer well or not, but just when Batman was about to take Riddler into custody, Riddler began to scream wildly, as he began to hallucinate a giant bat flying towards him. He is then, afterwards, taken to the authorities and convicted to a life prison sentence in Arkham Asylum. After dropping off The Riddler at Arkham Asylum (The Riddler thanks to his damaged memories thanks he's Batman as he moves his arms like a flying bat and then laughing insanely when Dr. Chase asks him and then saying please who was Batman. As such, Chase tells Bruce that his secret is safe, citing that Nygma is now a complete lunatic.), Batman continued to operate in Gotham City, with his new partner, Robin.

Batman & Robin

Fighting Over Poison Ivy

While attending a charity ball to help save the Rainforest, Batman and his crime-fighting partner Robin both got affected by Poison Ivy's mind control dust, which caused them to fight over her throughout the film. While Batman and Robin got into a bidding war over Poison Ivy, the ball was crashed by Mr. Freeze, and Batman was able to regain focus to fight. After a car chase where he and Robin captured Freeze, Batman and Robin continued to argue with each other. Batman criticized Robin for his recklessness which nearly got him killed and only being able to think of Poison Ivy, and Robin fired back that Batman doesn't trust him and wants all the glory for himself, including Ivy. Batman stated that Robin must do as he says or there will be no team, and Robin stormed off in anger.

Batman and Robin eventually learned that Poison Ivy helped Freeze escape from Arkham Asylum and tracked them to Freeze's old hideout. While searching the hideout, they were confronted by Poison Ivy and her enforcer Bane. During the confrontation, Poison Ivy affected the Dynamic Duo with her love-dust again and attempted to seduce them. During her seductions, Ivy pinned Batman to the floor and flirted with him before leaning in to kiss him, but Batman managed to resist her seductions and pushed her off him, grabbing her arm. Unfortunately, he was ambushed by Bane, which allowed Ivy to escape and confront Robin. Batman soon realized what was happening, and after defeating Bane stopped Ivy and Robin from kiss, realizing that the reason she kept trying to kiss them was to poison them. However, Robin remained influenced by Ivy, and blinded by his new love for her, thought Batman was jealous that she preferred his "sidekick" over him and attacked him to defend Ivy from him. Batman easily defeated Robin, but Ivy escaped while they were distracted and Robin renounced Batman as his partner.

Eventually, Poison Ivy stole the Bat Signal and changed it to a Robin Signal, signaling Robin to her lair. Batman realized this was a trap to divide them, but Robin believed it to be a sign of true love and Batman was still trying to keep them apart. Finally, Batman begged Robin to simply trust him as a partner, but as family. Batman was able to gain Robin's trust again, and Robin took precautions before going to Ivy's lair. Batman followed Robin in the shadows, with Ivy having no idea he was watching. He observed Robin and Ivy flirt from a distance without interrupting this time, trusting Robin to get the job done. Robin convinced Ivy to tell him what she and Freeze planned together as a sign of trust, and shared a passionate kiss with Ivy "for luck." After the kiss, Robin revealed that he had tricked Ivy, heading Batman's warning about her he wore rubber lips for protection against her poison. Ivy angrily shoved Robin into her lily pond in an attempt to drown him and tried to escape, only for Batman to finally make his presence known and ambush her on her way out.

Batman appeared to have her cornered, but Ivy ordered to plants in her lair to attack Batman, tangling him up and pulling him to to the ceiling, Batman was restrained and slowly began to be crushed. Ivy laughed at Batman and began to leave once again, but was interrupted by Barbara Wilson, Alfred's niece and Batman and Robin's new partner, Batgirl. While the two of them fought, Batman recorded Ivy's confession of trying to murder Freeze's wife, and managed to cut himself free of her vines. Batgirl managed to defeat and apprehend Poison Ivy, and the Trio left her trapped in her own lair where she was eventually apprehended by the police and imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.

Thawing Mr. Freeze

Batman was tasked with apprehending Mr. Freeze. Throughout the film, Bruce thinks about his relationship with his butler and friend, Alfred Pennyworth. Batman stopped Mr. Freeze, with help from Robin and Batgirl, from freezing Gotham City with the new telescope at Gotham Observatory, and revealed to Freeze that Poison Ivy had betrayed him and tried to kill his wife in order to be the only woman in Freeze's life. Batman promised to have Freeze's wife moved to the lab at Arkham Asylum, where he would be able to continue his research and find a cure for her disease.

Freeze also provided Batman with an antidote to save a dying Alfred, who was suffering from a lesser case of the same disease, before being incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce gave Alfred the antidote, saving his life. After initial hesitation, he allowed Barbara to continue being Batgirl and join the crime-fighting team.

Batman '89 comic series

Third Costume.jpg

Batman eventually encountered Catwoman again when Two-Face came to power.

Adventure with Barry Allen

When Barry Allen traveled through time to save his mother's life, it caused this Bruce Wayne universe to merge with his. How the pair worked together to restore their worlds is mystery.

Arrowverse timeline

Bruce would still serve as Gotham's protector for the next three decades, and would come into conflict with the Joker (although it is unknown if it is a new person taking on the identity or Jack Napier resurrected). Bruce was killed alongside everyone else in his universe by the Anti-Monitor, but was later brought back when the multiverse was reborn.


Adult Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne was heavily scarred by the sight of his parents murdered in front of him. He shows interest in Vicki Vale, but because of his obsession with his alter ego he seems unable to open up to her on an emotional level. Bruce has a deadpan sense of humor, though he only shows it to Alfred, whom he has known his whole life. Whilst in the comics he kept up his playboy profile by making public appearances, in the Tim Burton films he is something of a recluse. The people of Gotham have no idea what he even looks like, as he is able to go out in public without drawing attention to himself. When confronted by the Joker in broad daylight, he displays a level of frustration bordering on psychopathy as he smashes a vase and screams "Lets get nuts!" so as to appear intimidating. This contrasts with his normally cool demeanor when dressed as Batman, implying that his alter ego is a release for all of his psychological issues. Unlike his comic-book counterpart, this version of Batman doesn't think twice about killing criminals. At the start of Batman it was revealed that he dropped a mugger off a building. He also attempted to kill the Joker as means of revenge. In Batman Returns he killed off several members of the Penguin's gang in brutal fashion, such as setting one on fire and planting dynamite on another. In Batman Returns, Bruce begins to show a more sociable side as he pursues Selina Kyle. He invites her to his manor and they open up to each other in a way that he couldn't with Vicki. Shortly afterwards, Bruce and Selina would figure out each other's identities, revealing that the attraction between them was built around their personal demons.

As the films were changed to a far more lighthearted tone Batman as well was changed to a more comical and less troubled individual though still a somewhat wise individual who worked to get past the trauma that once haunted him.


  • Peak Human Conditioning: Having trained his body for his crusade, Batman is at the peak of human physical conditioning. His strength, durability, speed, agility, and more have been honed to the fullest.
    • Peak-Human Strength: Batman's strength is trained to its peak. He can lift people up and off their feet with little effort, carry and hold onto a person weighing over 108 pounds even while hanging from a ledge, and his strikes can send opponents back a few feet away.
    • Peak-Human Endurance/Resilience: Batman is a resilient and durable individual. He can fall from great heights and recover, survive a plane crash with temporary disorientation, take hits from big goons, and barely flinched when stabbed by Catwoman's claws.
    • Peak-Human Speed: Batman is quick at a peak human level. He regularly pulls his vanishing act in only a few seconds. Block many strikes from a dual blade wielding swordsman in quick succession, and blocked a bullet with his gauntlet while it was in mid-flight.
    • Peak-Human Agility: Batman is has trained his body to peak agility. He is able to travel from rooftop to rooftop, jump down from a church bell, held on top the edge of a belfry and brought his legs up to trap a strong Joker thug in them to throw him down the hole.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant/Martial Artist: Having trained for his crusade, Batman is a highly trained combatant with knowledge of several martial arts. His fighting style seems to comprise: HapKune Do, Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Boxing, Judo, Escrima, Aikido, Pro Wrestling, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Jeet Kane Do, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Ninjitsu, Kickboxing, and Krav Maga. He can take on multiple thugs, bigger opponents, a sword-wielding Joker goon, overpowered the Joker, Penguin and fought Catwoman.
  • Expert Marksman: Batman is an expert in marksmanship. He accurately throws his Batarangs and can even shoot his grappling gun at opponents. This also extends to using the Batplane's weapons against the Joker's goons.
  • Genius-Level Intelligence: Having trained his mind for his crusade, Batman is a highly intelligent individual. Particularly when comes to deduction and strategy.
    • Master Strategist & Tactician: Batman is an intelligent planner.
    • Detective Skills/Investigation: Batman is a highly skilled detective.
    • Photographic Memory: To be added
    • Business Management: As Bruce Wayne, he is skilled at running his business.
    • Master of Disguise: Bruce Wayne can disguise himself as Batman with his costume and a change in his voice.
  • Master of Stealth: Batman is a master of stealth, able to disappear and reappear in a few seconds.
  • Indomitable Willpower: Batman is a highly determined individual. He is able to go after the Joker even after just getting out of his plane crash landing.
  • Extreme Wealth: As the heir to the Wayne Fortune, Batman is a billionaire.


  • Batsuit: Bruce Wayne wears this suit to disguise himself as Batman. The suit has body armor that can take blunt force trauma and is also bulletproof, even at point-blank range. The gauntlets can block blade strikes and even bullets. His left arm could retract out a collapsible device that could be best described as a "hydraulic palm". Notably using this device to subdued an agile Joker goon. The cape comes equipped with a retractable glider to help him descend down from tall heights.
  • Utility Belt: Batman wears a utility belt to carry his gadgets.
    • Grappling gun: Batman uses this grappling gun to ascend buildings and to pull in his opponents. It is comprised of two-pieces that can be assembled and hooked onto his utility belt.
    • Batarangs:Batman uses different variants of these hand-thrown bat-shaped projectiles.
      • Rope Batarang: Batman used a collapsible Batarang attach to a rope line in order to ensnare and retrieve a fleeing thug.
      • Remote-controlled Batarang: Batman uses a retractable Batarang that can lock onto opponents and be electrically guided to hit them when thrown. He used this to take out members of The Red Circle Circus who surrounded him, however, it was caught out of mid-air by their trained dog which Penguin used to frame Batman.
    • Line launcher: Also known as "The Gauntlet", this device is a retractable zipline launcher that helps Batman move between wide areas. He later used a more compact version that can be stored on his utility belt.
    • Smoke bombs: Batman uses capsules that break upon impact and creates a large cloud of smoke in order to cover his escape.
    • Bola launcher: Batman used a device that can launch a bola at opponents. he used this device to tie the Joker's leg to a gargoyle which eventually came lose and weigh down Joker, causing him to fall to his death.
    • Napalm vial: Batman carries a capsule on his utility belt that contains a neon blue liquid. When shaken, the liquid becomes volatile and when thrown, breaks on contact and burns whatever it comes in contact with. He most notably used this against Catwoman during their first fight.


  • Before Michael Keaton was cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Emilio Estévez, Charlie Sheen, Pierce Brosnan, Kurt Russell, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, William Hurt, Tom Selleck, Bill Murray, Randy Quaid, Dennis Quaid, Warren Beatty, Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and the late Bill Paxton were all considered for the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne, but turned down the role. No other leading men were willing to take the risk at the time, this role has since become one of the most coveted in Hollywood.
  • The two Batsuits worn by Michael Keaton later inspired Batman's costume in the Batman Troika comics following Batman's recovery from his back injury.
  • Michael Keaton was nrarly unable to hear while wearing the Batsuit. He said that his claustrophobia helped get him in the proper mood to play Batman. "It made me go inward and that's how I wanted the character to be anyway, to be withdrawn," he said.
  • Michael Keaton came up with the famous "I'm Batman" line, in the script, it was "I am the night".
  • Michael Keaton declined to return as the Dark Knight for Batman Forever, did not like the direction in which Schumacher was looking to take the franchise after Tim Burton decided that he would not direct a third Batman film. In the end, Val Kilmer took up the role of Batman in Batman Forever.
  • Unlike most incarnations of Batman, this one has no problem with occasionally killing troublesome enemies, very similar to the Golden Age Batman. This aspect shocked comic book readers and cartoon watchers at the time that were used to the child friendly code of not killing and other compassionate moral lessons. This especially takes a deliberate, needlessly execution-style turn in Batman Returns, when Batman ties up a bomb to the Tattooed Strongman, knocking him into a manhole to explode. Most of his kills prior to this done amidst a desperate struggle after a plane crash or unknowingly due to vehicular collateral damage from explosives and artillery fired at a distance.
    • In the comic books, the Golden Age Batman did kill, and this may have had something to do with Bill Finger's feelings that if Batman's rogues returned after being defeated, this would make Batman look incompetent (though the real incompetents would actually be the Arkham Asylum guards for not preventing the villains from escaping). However, this changed in 1940, when the DC Comics editors decided that the comics should be more kid-friendly and introduced Robin.
  • Michael Keaton will reprise the role of the Burtonverse Batman for the 2022 DC Extended Universe film The Flash, the first time he has been on-screen as the character for thirty years.



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