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I'm doing this because I know what happens when people think they're above the law. And if I die trying… I suppose that's justice too.
~ Jace justifying his reasons for why he became the Batman.
I walked away from justice once. Never again.
~ Future Slate Batman.

Timothy "Tim" Fox, also known as Jace Fox, is a fictional character and superhero from DC Comics. He is a possible successor of Bruce Wayne in taking up the mantle of the Batman and appears as the main protagonist of the I Am Batman and The Next Batman: Second Son comic book storylines as well as the Future State: The Next Batman storyline.

The first son of businessman Lucius Fox and brother to Luke Fox, Tim would initially live his youth in a hedonistic life style until a accident led him to being sent to a military academy. When returning to Gotham after years of being a covert operative, Tim would come across an armored batsuit, and decided to adopt the mantle to stop the Magistrate and the Moral Authority. After stopping crime in Gotham, Tim moved to New York with his family to become the state's defender. In the Future State comics, Tim is a member of the newest incarnation of the Justice League.

He was created by created by Len Wein and Irv Novick, and first appeared in Batman #313 in July of 1979.


Jace is the oldest son of Lucius Fox, who is best known as as the vice-president of Wayne Industries and a good friend of Bruce Wayne, whilst secretly, he also provides and aids Bruce, wholly aware of the latter's identity as Batman. Unlike his father, who built his reputation through earnest hardworking, Jace was a delinquent who got himself around with hedonism and, as a result, had a strained relationship with the rest of his family, especially with his younger brother, Luke.

At one point, he accidentally killed someone whilst recklessly driving, an act that still haunts him and thinks he is guilty for, even if his father bailed him out. However, Jace was also living around a time when Gotham City was controlled by a private security force known as the Magistrate, who turned Gotham into a police state and outlawed vigilantism. After hearing about the apparent death of Bruce, Jace took it upon himself to become the Batman and become Gotham's protector, with his main motivation being to atone himself for the past mistakes that he committed as well as repairing his relationship with his family. Eventually, the Magistrate was dismantled and Jace decided to move with his mother to New York City where he continues to fight crime as Batman.


New Earth

Timothy "Tim" Fox is the son of Lucius and Tanya Fox, and is the brother of Luke, Tiffany and Tam Fox. When Tim learned from Ron Watkins that Bruce Wayne was a slum lord, but this was actually fabricated since Ron worked for Wayne Enterprises' competitor. However, Fox realized that this was false, and apologized to his father from their previous argument. At some point, Tim would join the second iteration of the Terrible Trio, where he was given the mantle of "The Vulture". Working with the others who took on the previous identities, Tim assisted them in trying to steal from Wayne's penthouse, but they were captured by Batman.

Prime Earth


On Prime Earth, Tim's past is still similar, however, his youth is further explored with him being distant from Lucius due to his father's position at Wayne Enterprises. Due to his father's wealth, Tim lived a thrill seeking life style until he was sixteen, when he accidently hit a man while driving recklessly. Instead of staying at the man's side, Tim ran away to his father, who used his resources to make the victim Enrique Acevedo look at though he wondered into the street, as Acevedo was a known domestic abuser who was drunk that night. Tim confronted his father on removing his culpability, but Lucius decided to send his son off to the Sanford Military Academy to put him in line. At the academy, Tim became friends with Vol and Hadiyah, and after gradating, decided to continue his exile and started to go by the name "Jace".

Covert Operative

He decided not to return to Gotham but instead become a covert operative whom eliminated targets who couldn't be stopped by the government, and had Vol act as his handler. At some point during this time, he received training from Katana, whom acted as his mentor. After a mission in Vietnam went awry, Jace returned home and find that his sisters were the only ones accepting him back, as Tanya and Luke refused to forgive him for his past actions. When Fox learned that his target Tyler Arkadine had his courier arrive in the city, he decided to become employed at Wayne Enterprises to gather more information. Jace's investigation led him to find an armored bat suit within the ruins of the Hibernaculum, and he realized that his father worked for Batman and that Bruce Wayne was the vigilante.

Becoming Batman

After the revelation, Jace decided to made the Hibernaculum his secret base, and adopted the armor to stop Arkadine's men from killing GCPD officers. The Magistrate and the GCPD thought he was attacking civilians, and social media immediately labeled that Batman started the incident. Though initially demoralized, Jace found his will returned after speaking with Hadiyah, and worked with Vol to create a new bat suit to fight against the city's corruption. Once dealing with criminals in Gotham, Lucius learned that Jace had taken the mantle, and the two reconciled. Deciding to move with his family in New York, Jace continued to his role as a vigilante, and was later deputized by the mayor.



  • The Post-Crisis version of Timothy Fox was depicted as a juvenile delinquent who became a member of the Terrible Trio as the Vulture.


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