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Batrina is one of the Peggle Masters in Peggle Blast. Being the fifth master the player meets in-game, she is an opera singer in the land who takes great pleasure in her symphonies. While the fifth world is her domain, she is also playable in world 7 and when all the Peggle master meet to defeat Bjorn's evil brother Fnord once and for all.




As mentioned before, Batrina takes great pride in her singing, a favorite hobby of hers. She spends a lot of her time inside caves, the reason being that the walls echo her melodies so that they end up emitting themselves to be louder. However, despite her self-concerns, Katrina considers her social life important as well, she finds it important that Fnord does not succeed with his evil intentions just like all other Peggle Masters in the game.


Batrina's signature power, upon activating a green peg, is the "Sonic Screech". During the following turn, the extra ball bucket is transformed into a radar microphone which collects her harmonic vocals. When the ball is fired, Batrina's voice blasts a path between the launcher and the radar, with any pegs in the path will be activated automatically. Afterwards, the ball will then take it's normal course on the level. This power is useful for activating the hard to reach pegs on any given level.

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