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This Guardian was created to protect Hyrule in an age long forgotten. Its battle scars call to mind fierce conflicts against ancient enemies. It is theorized that this is a specialized model, as it is much more powerful than other Guardians.
~ In-game description of the Battle-Tested Guardian

The Battle-Tested Guardian is a character in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. It is the unlockable fighter that the player can add to their roster, by purchasing the DLC Pack 1 Pulse of the Ancients and going through a series of helping Purah and Robbie with their research at the Royal Ancient Lab. It is one of the very few Guardians that has not been touched by Calamity Ganon's Malice and so works with the heroes.


The Battle-Tested had fought many fierce battles in ancient times, possibly during the first Great Calamity ten thousand years ago, hence the scars that it received and has long since left in the Forgotten Temple for thousands of years during Hyrule's long age of peace. The Pulse of the Ancients DLC must be purchased to access the Royal Ancient Lab side-quests to help Purah and Robbie with their research involving vicious monsters and gaining bonuses for meeting certain requirements. After the main game is completed, the side-quests for the Battle-Tested Guardian can be accessed after meeting various requirements as they go, including The Ultimate Relic and The Relic of Legend. Then the Challenge EX Alert: The Forgotten Temple must be completed and once so, Robbie and Purah will discover the Battle-Tested Guardian and will have the warrior challenge it in The Battle-Tested Guardian challenge at the temple. Once it's defeated, The Battle-Tested Guardian will be unlocked as a playable fighter. It is considered to be the most powerful of all of the Guardians in the game and it was miraculously spared the corruption by Ganon's Malice from when the second Great Calamity began all the way to the end of the disaster.

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