The Battletoads, also known as just the Toads, are the titular player characters in the Battletoads video game series, introduced in the original Battletoads in 1991. They are a trio of anthropomorphic, mutant toad warriors fighting against the wicked Dark Queen and her forces. They also appeared in the short lived Battletoads cartoon and a few comic strips published in Nintendo Power and GamePro, and gained a sizable fan following.


The three primary warriors were once computer technicians and close friends who took up a job testing video games using a virtual reality simulator-type environment, a project headed by an individual named Silas Volkmire.

Overtime, the trio grew suspicious that their boss was planning something sinister, and while investigating the workplace one night to see if any of the software was tampered with, the three were suddenly transported to a virtual reality, where they encountered the Dark Queen, who ordered them to be destroyed.

Eventually the trio escape her tyranny and seek refuge under the protection of Professor T. Bird, who became their friend and mentor, and from that day forward, vowed that they would not rest until the Dark Queen was defeated once and for all.


  • Zitz: described as the leader of the trio, he is an intelligent fighter who uses fighting moves that conserve his strength for more necessary tasks, such as tough enemies or bosses. Zitz can be identified by the black gauntlets on his hands.
  • Rash: described as the mascot and "class clown" of the trio. He is a extrovert, but also a show-off who likes to likes to crack jokes during combat. Rash is the smallest of the trio, and can be identified by his trademark black sunglasses.
  • Pimple: described as the muscle of the trio, he is essentially presented as the tough guy, who prefers to talk through his fists rather than through words. He is the tallest of the trio, and can be identified by his brown skin (as opposed to the other members who have green skin).
  • Professor T. Bird: The Battletoad's mentor and long-time friend in the virtual world, he is a pelican who provides advice to the toads and warns them of potential threats n their missions.



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