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New age of crime... meet new age of crimefighter.
~ New-Earth's Batwoman.

Batwoman is a fictional character, a superheroine who appears in comic books published by DC Comics.

She was created by Edmond Hamilton and Sheldon Moldoff.

In all incarnations, Batwoman is a wealthy heiress who—inspired by the notorious superhero Batman chooses, like him, to put her wealth and resources towards funding a war on crime in her home of Gotham City

Ruby Rose portrays the character in the Arrowverse television series named after her character.


Early Life

Katherine Rebecca Kane is the daughter of Colonel Jacob Kane and Captain Gabi Kane, and is the twin-sister to Elizabeth "Bette" Kane. The family would often move due to being part of the military, and eventually moved from North California to Belgium when they started working for NATO.

One day, Kate and her mother and sister were captured by the Religion of Crime amidst a terrorist attack, and she witnessed their deaths. Jacob saved Kate himself, but the latter was deeply traumatized by the event. Unbeknownst to Kate, Bette had survived the incident, and would later return to her years latter as a crime fighter.

Becoming a Cadet

Kate wanted to please her father, and joined West Point to serve in the military, and excelled in all areas. She eventually gained the rank of Brigade Executive Officer, and completed both the Air Assault School, and the U.S. Army Airborne School. In addition, she earned prestigious awards, such as the Superintendent's Award for Excellence.

While at West Point, she roomed with Sophie Moore, and the two eventually began a romantic relationship. When a accusation of homosexual conduct was brought against Kate, she confirmed her sexual orientation, but didn't out Sophie. Kate was discharged per the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, and returned home. Despite being discharged, her father forgave her, and found it more important that she didn't lie to save herself.

Becoming Batwoman

When her father married heiress Catherine Hamilton, Kate gained the title of a socialite in Gotham City, becoming notorious for her drinking and partying. During this time, she would go around the world to find herself and battle her depression. During one of her travels, she hit her head on a rock while diving, and wounded up on the island of Coryana, off the coast of Malta.

She was rescued by the leader of the island, Safiyah, and began a romantic relationship with her. Kate was instantly disliked by the population, seeing her as a distraction for Safiyah's duties. In addition, Safiyah's lover Tahani became to resent Kate, and would attempt to kill her on one occasion. Kate eventually learned that her wound caused a bacteria to hit the island, she was disguised with Safiyah, who killed an innocent man who she blamed for the outbreak (but did know that Kate caused it, now wanting the population to know).

Kate left the island after coming to blows with Safiyah and Tahani, and never returned to the island of Coryana. When returning to Gotham City, she returned to vices, and was pulled over by Renee Montoya, but instead of being arrested, the two began a relationship. The two had a falling out, as Renee believed that Kate had no direction in her life, and had no goal for the future.

One night, Kate was attacked by a mugger in a alleyway, and was saved by Batman. Seeing Batman in person made Kate realized she wanted to be a vigilante, and decided to start training herself to fight crime. Jacob find out what she was doing, but decided to help train, and she used her wealth and resources to go across the globe. Returning back to Gotham after three years of fierce training, Kate became a vigilante, and took the title of Batwoman.

During her early crime fighting career, she would run into Montoya, and often fight against criminals such as Whisper A'Daire. When the Religion of Crime learned of the prophecy foretelling the murder of a "twice named daughter of Kane" would cause Gotham to perish, they went after Batwoman.



  • She always wanted to be a hero ever since Batman came.
  • Kate is Jewish, and celebrates Hanukkah with her father.


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