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Sunny, Violet and Klaus Baudelaire

The Baudelaire Orphans are the main protagonists of Lemony Snicket's series of children's novels: A Series of Unfortunate Events. There are exactly two sisters and a brother.


Violet Baudelaire

Violet is the oldest and leader of the Baudelaire siblings who always invents something useful. She is portrayed by Emily Browning.

Klaus Baudelaire

Klaus is the middle of the Baudelaire siblings who loves to read and research. He is portrayed by Liam Aiken.

Sunny Baudelaire

Sunny is the very smart youngest of the Baudelaire siblings and loves to bite things and despite being a baby with her abnormally large teeth. She is portrayed by both Hoffman Twins (Kate and Shelby Hoffman).


When their parents are killed in a fire that burns down their house, they are sent to live with an evil actor named Count Olaf who wants to steal their fortune.They went to trials and tribulations. From arson to murder. They were said to die after escaping Ishamael's Island

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