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Hun And Stockman
Aw, crud!
~ Hun's last words before he and Stockman are stomped by Ch'rell

In an alternate future, where Ch'rell ruled Earth, Baxter Stockman's brain was attached to an aged, disabled Hun. They worked with Donatello (who had been stranded in this dystopia by Ultimate Drako), the Turtles resident to that alternate reality, and April O'Neil in an attempt to overthrow the Shredder once and for all. When they went to face him for the final showdown, Hun begged Ch'rell to take them back. But Ch'rell refused and stomped both of them flat. After April and Donatello manage to survive the war all of their friends' deaths were avenged before Donatello was removed from the alternate timeline.


  • This marks the first time they side with the turtles instead of The Shredder.

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