Bayard is a supporting protagonist of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. He works for The Red Queen, but is secretly a member of the Underland Underground Resistance. He fears that his wife and pups will be harmed if he doesn't obey Stayne.


Bayard Hamar is a character appearing in the 2010 year version of Alice in Wonderland. He is a bloodhound working for the Red Queen. He fears that his imprisoned wife and pups will be injured if he doesn't do Stayne's bidding. He proves to be secretively loyal to the Underland Underground resistance, becoming both Alice's ally and a rather convenient transportation system.

The Knave tells Bayard that finding Alice would earn his freedom. When Bayard asks about his wife and pups, the Knave tells him that everyone will go home. The Knights proceed to let Bayard off his chain where he begins to follow Alice's trail. Soon afterward, however, the Knave's steed reveals that this promise of freedom is not to be followed through.

Bayard later tracks Alice to the tea party being held by The Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse. The Hatter hides her in a teapot and tells Bayard to lead the knights away, which he proceeds to do so. Some time afterwards (which the movie doen't say how) he finds Alice again under the Mad Hatter's hat, and takes her to the Red Queen's castle by Alice's own request, where she arranges to rescue the Mad Hatter from the Queen's captivity. After her failed attempt, Bayard leads Alice to the White Queen's castle while she rides the Bandersnatch. He was voiced by Timothy Spall. Bayard does not appear in any other adaptation of the film. However, he may be an older version of the puppy in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Bayard is a brown bloodhound who owns a black collar. He is very caring, thoughtful and will do anything to keep his family safe even if it means scarificing himself.

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