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I came here to save my land not sell it
~ Beans

Beans is the heroine of the 2011 animated movie Rango.

She is voiced by Isla Fisher.


Beans is a tough and feisty desert iguana who lives on a ranch in the musty town of Dirt and has lost her father. She is struggling to save her ranch from going out of business, courtesy of the greedy and evil Mayor Tortoise John, and understands that someone is wasting Dirt's water supply and buying up the land. When Rango tumbles into her life, Beans at first doesn't trust him and tries to warn him about the impending danger. However, the two of them form a strong relationship when Rango promises Beans that he'll help her save the town and its water supply. The sinister Rattlesnake Jake arrives, exposes Rango as a fraud, and banishes him from Dirt. Beans is kidnapped by the Mayor and his thugs and refuses to give him her ranch. She is tied up and locked in the bank vault with Rango who frees her. The two of them break down the door, unblocking the water. Rattlesnake Jake turns on the Mayor for his treachery and carries him off. Beans and Rango fall in love and become heroes.



  • Beans is voiced by Isla Fisher, who also voices Tooth for Rise of the Guardians. The animators even gave her red hair because of Fisher.
  • She may be a desert iguana, but she is also a combination of a chuckwalla and an African monitor lizard.
  • Beans is probably inspired by Mattie Ross; the scriptwriter gave her a teaspoon of Katharine Hepburn and Jean Arthur.
  • When Fisher lent her voice to Beans, she was inspired by Holly Hunter and gave her Clint Eastwood's growl.
  • Unlike many Western heroines, Beans is capable of taking care of herself and is more into saving her father's ranch than finding a man.
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