Beast-Demon Hunter Zeek was a ranger-like ally who appeared only in Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive: Sudden Shock! A New Warrior.


He was last of a people who had fought and defeated the Juuma Demon Clan, who were mostly exterminated by Golomois. Only Zeek survived and wanted revenge. He pursued Golomois to Earth and encountered the GoGoFive, whom he blamed for saving the people in the crossfire instead of fighting Golomois. It took Kyoko Hayase, who reminded him of his superior officer Lilia, to remember what he was fighting for. When he was killed by Golomois, he gave Kyoko the gem that held the Demon Hunter powers in it. He transformed with his jewel by calling "Zeek Tector!".

Beast-Demon Hunter


  • Zeek Crystal
  • Zeek Shot
  • Zeek Sword
  • Zeek Blaster

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