Prince Adam (also known as the Beast) is the main male protagonist of Disney's remake of the 2017 film, Beauty and the Beast.

He was never actually named in the film but his name is later revealed to be Adam.

He is portrayed by Dan Stevens.


As a child, Beast was very kind and caring, as he was devastated by the death of his mother.

As an adult (as a result of him being raised by his cruel father; following his kind-hearted mother's death) Beast became cold-blooded and insensitive, he is also arrogant and prideful to the point of believing what beauty truly is.

However, after being turned into anthropomorphic lion-like beast by the Enchantress; Beast's time in isolation had mellowed his personality, as he has become much more kind, caring and selfless, but he still retains a cold demeanor; albeit to a far lesser degree.


  • Beast has similarities to his animated counterpart, yet he is almost the complete opposite;
    • He was turned into a beast by the Enchantress for his arrogance, as well as making an explicit reference to his old fixation on beauty above all else; instead of for his selfish, unkind and spoiled nature.
    • Beast is far more kind, caring and selfless then his animated counterpart, he also has a very dry, English sense of humor and a strong interest in literature.
    • Unlike his animated counterpart's animal form which combines the features of various animals; Beast's animal form is far more lion-like in appearance, but with a pair of large, antelope-like horns.
    • Unlike his animated counterpart; the curse that Enchantress placed on Beast, only affected him physically, but not psychologically; as he still retains his humanity.

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