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Beast is one of the main characters in the Fables series. He is the husband of Beauty and a resident in Fabletown and the prequel telltale game; The Wolf Among Us.


Beast is very tall and muscular. He has brown eyes and light brown hair in his human form where as in his beast form, he is huge hairy horned creature with long canine teeth and sharp claws.


Beast is very polite and civil and treats the other fables with kindness and respect. Despite being known as a monster among the other fables, he is treated fairly and respected, unlike Bigby who is still regarded by some fables with fear and consent. He still has flaws as he is very naïve and absent-minded as he fired Flycatcher from his job as a janitor for community service because Bigby constantly put Flycatcher in service for minuscule reasons where in reality Bigby did that to ease Flycatcher's depression from hurting him. Beast always tries to fix his mistakes and even managed to get Flycatcher to do community service again.


  • Beast is voiced by Gavin Hammon, who also plays the Magic Mirror and The Tweedle Brothers in The Wolf Among US, and Kenny in The Walking Dead.


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