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Heroine Overview

What a profoundly irritating and aggravating man you are, I suppose.
~ Beatrice upon meeting Subaru Natsuki for the first time.
Subaru: The first NPC found! You're gonna ruin your cute little face with that cold attitude of yours. Come on, smile... Smile for me.
Beatrice: The only smile appropriate to give you is a derisive sneer.
~ Subaru asked an irritated Betty to smile for him during their first meeting.
Subaru: You little freak... You're not human, are you? I mean, outside of your sparkling personality.
Beatrice: Took you long enough to notice, I suppose.
Subaru: I take it back... Your personality isn't human either.
Beatrice: Do not measure a proud, noble being such as myself by your standards, human.
~ Subaru realized Beatrice's true nature after she drained his mana.

Beatrice, called Betty for short, is the tritagonist of the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same name. She also appears in various tie-in video games, side stories, and short stories. Outside of Re:Zero, Beatrice is a supporting character in Isekai Quartet, a 2019 comedy crossover anime television series that features characters from several properties of the "Isekai" genre.

Four hundred years ago, the Witch of Greed Echidna created three artificial spirits. Two of these three were the elder brother Puck and the younger sister Beatrice. Unlike Puck, Beatrice saw Echidna as her mother, and as such loved her unconditionally. At some point, Echidna bequeathed Beatrice with a copy of the Tome of Wisdom that would give her instructions on what to do at all times, as the book could effectively preach the future.

The Witch of Greed ordered the spirit to maintain her Forbidden Library, telling her "daughter" that one day a special person would arrive to relieve her of her post. Until then, Beatrice was supposed to follow the instructions detailed in her gospel, however, nothing was ever written in the book, and so the girl merely waited. Over the next four hundred years, the little spirit fell deeper and deeper into despair, only comforted by her brother Puck and the promise her mother had made to her.

After centuries of waiting for her promised partner to arrive, Beatrice's diligence was rewarded, although she didn't know it immediately. A young man named Subaru Natsuki, whom Beatrice initially found profoundly irritating entered the ancient spirit's life. The pair would often bicker, but such squabbles were only superficial, as they both enjoyed each other's company very much.

Eventually, Subaru discovered the truth of Beatrice's life, including the promise that practically shackled her to the Forbidden Library. Natsuki, distraught over the life story of his beloved friend, poured his heart and soul into a speech that convinced the spirit to abandon her post and live her life alongside him. Subaru Natsuki and Beatrice were henceforth bound by the contract of Contractor and Spirit, a bond both of them deeply cherished.

Beatrice is voiced by Satomi Arai in the Japanese version of the anime and by Kira Buckland in the English version. Arai has also voiced Kuroko Shirai in A Certain Magical Index. Buckland's other heroic roles include Mitsuri Kanroji in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Izumo Kamiki in Blue Exorcist, Eris in KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!, Umi Sonoda in Love Live!, Jibanyan in Yo-kai Watch, Kuroyukihime in Accel World, Julis Alexia-von Riessfeld in The Asterisk War, Maria Naruse in The Testament of Sister New Devil, and Eri Shinkai in Aika R-16: Virgin Mission.


Beatrice, as an artificial spirit created by Echidna, had a static physical form that remained the same regardless of how many years went by. The only aspect of her appearance Betty could change was her clothing, as her hair would bounce back into its natural state if she tried to style it.

On the outside, Beatrice seemed a lovely young girl around the age of eleven to twelve. Her face was so sweet that Subaru Natsuki believed there was no heart that wouldn't melt at the sight of a genuine smile on the little spirit's adorable face. Her large sky-blue eyes had pink butterfly patterns in their irises that may have denoted her relation to the Witch of Greed. Betty's pale cream-colored hair was worn long and tied into frilly vertical drill-shaped twin tails that acted like springs when pulled on. In the anime adaptation, the tips of Betty's twin tails were pink.

Most of the time, the Great Spirit of the Forbidden Library wore a pink frilly ornate dress with white trimmings and an exposed front that left her legs visible. Her legs were completely covered by pink and purple vertically-striped tights. A petite crown was sported on the right side of Beatrice's large head and she wore pink shoes with butterfly straps on her feet. She had a large pink ribbon adorned upon the left side of her waist and a pair of similar ribbons tied at the top of her twin tails.


Beatrice generally looks down on others and is bad at dealing with people who try to get close to her. Despite being full of bravado, she's a lonely person, and is softhearted beyond her perceived stubbornness. She is affectionate towards Puck because of their similarities and favors him over the others in the Roswaal household. She has a distinct way of speaking, adding "I suppose" at the end of some of her sentences. She also refers to herself in the third person similar to Ram and Rem.

Powers & Abilities


  • Magic: Over her four hundred years of life, Beatrice coalesced an immense arsenal of magical spells, some of which were thought lost by the time of the modern age. Her speciality was shadow magic, the elemental attribute known for spells that weakened a target in some regard. However, the power of shadow magic did not stop at reducing the effectiveness of an opponent, as Beatrice could use the power of the dark to manipulate reality and produce lethal attacks in various ways. Over the centuries, Beatrice stockpiled an enormous amount of magical energy into her small frame, allowing her to unleash extremely powerful spells. At the prime of her power, Beatrice's magic was on par with the likes of the Beast of the End Puck and the greatest wizard Roswaal L. Mathers. Her battle strength allowed her to easily overpower the Bowel Hunter Elsa Granhiert, a woman with exceptional lethality in her own right. Ultimately, her reserves of magical power were completely spent when she unleashed her full potential to defeat the Great Rabbit. Considering her newly-bound contract with Subaru Natsuki, Betty's magical power was greatly reduced in the aftermath of her battle with the Rabbit, as she had no way to absorb a substantial amount of magical energy like she did before.
    • Force-Field Generation: Using magic, Beatrice could conjure a wall of invisible magical energy. The wall would deflect any magical attack that fell upon it, keeping the caster and their allies safe from physical damage. Betty was first seen generating a magical shield to defend against Ram's wind magic.
    • Healing: Although shadow magic was her speciality, Beatrice also displayed potency in using water mana to heal wounds. To heal a target's injuries, the caster would hold their hand over the wound in question and begin re-knitting the damaged tissue back together. Only physical wounds could be treated with the use of the spell, as those relating to psychological or metaphysical problems were unaffected by a caster's healing attempts. The severity of the wounds that could be rejuvenated as well as the speed it took to do so both relied on the skill of the user.
    • Sensory Deprivation:

      Beatrice using "Shamac" on Elsa Granhiert.

      One of the most basic shadow magic spells, which even Subaru could use until the collapse of his gate, was "Shamac." When cast, a blanket of black smoke would erupt from the user that would cover a significantly large area. Any target engulfed by the smoke would completely lose their spacial awareness. Under the spell's effect, the only thing the target could sense was the ground under their feet and any damage done to their body. Although it was a low-level spell, it proved an effective smokescreen when retreating. Naturally, due to her mastery of shadow magic, Beatrice was capable of conjuring "Shamac."
    • Spatial Manipulation: Beatrice, to a certain extent, could utilize her mastery of shadow magic to manipulate the fabric of space. She could create a loop in space that ensured an individual walking through a structure would move in a loop, meaning that, if they were walking down a corridor, it would seem endless. The target of this spell could break out of the loop by finding the correct door/and or pathway to walk through. Another practical application of Beatrice's spatial manipulation was her ability to open a portal that allowed her and/or her targets to travel large distances instantaneously.
      • Dimensional Storage: Through the use of Betty's spatial manipulation, the Forbidden Library functioned like a pocket dimension. Betty would, at random, link the door of the Forbidden Library to a door within Roswaal's mansion, meaning that the location of the Library moved from door to door at Betty's command. The only way to definitively locate the Library was to open every door in the mansion, as that way the Library had no other doors to warp to. This technique was known as "Door Crossing."
    • Time Manipulation: As well as spatial manipulation, the shadow magic that Betty possessed also allowed her to manipulate time to a certain extent. Betty could completely stop time in a localized area, however the technique cost a hefty amount of magical energy and it couldn't be cast for long. Although she never displayed the capability to do so, Betty claimed that she could accelerate the internal body clock of an organic creature to rapidly speed up its aging process.
    • Water Creation: As previously mentioned, Beatrice had an affinity for water mana. Using her skills with water mana, Beatrice could convert her magical energy into water, essentially allowing her to summon columns of fresh water from thin air. However, if there was some form of debilitating agent in the air, Betty considered it unwise to drink water summoned using mana.
  • Spirit Physiology: Although she appeared as though she was human, Beatrice was in fact an incredibly powerful artificial spirit created by the Witch of Greed Echidna. The reason she was considered "artificial" was simply due to the nature of her creation, and, with the exception of a terrible mana consumption rate and her method of gaining mana, she otherwise functioned like an ordinary spirit.
    • Curse Removal: Beatrice, like her brother Puck, could sense when an individual had been inflicted by a curse. She could tell where on a person's body a curse had been placed and subsequently remove it. However, Betty could only remove a curse if the caster had yet to activate the curse they had placed on a person. Furthermore, she couldn't tell the effects the curse would inflict on an individual without observing the curse in affect.
    • Energy Absorption: Unlike most spirits, Beatrice did not absorb magical energy from the atmosphere. Instead, Betty obtained her energy from living creatures. By touching an individual, Beatrice could absorb the mana stored in their gate, bolstering her own supply of magical energy in the process. The individual effected by the technique would become physically fatigued if enough of their energy was drained. By absorbing a person's mana, Beatrice could also tell to some extent whether the target had hostile intentions towards her or not.
    • Immortality: Beatrice never suffered due to the trappings of a mortal lifespan. Although she wasn't fully immortal as she could still be killed by external factors, Beatrice never physically deteriorated nor moved past the physical appearance she had been created with. When she met Subaru Natsuki, she was already over four hundred years old while still appearing as though she was a child. Additionally, her body never deteriorated as a result of a lack of sustenance. Food and drink were merely consumed by Betty out of pleasure rather than actual necessity.


Abyss by Kenichiro Suehiro

Piece of Intent by Kenichiro Suehiro


  • Beatrice, after Emilia, was the first to be featured on the cover of multiple volumes of the light novel, as she was featured on the covers of both the third and fifteenth volumes. Other characters who have been featured on multiple covers of the light novel are, in order: Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti, Priscilla Barielle, Theresia van Astrea, Wilhelm van Astrea, Reinhard van Astrea, Ram, Rem, and Meili Portroute.
  • Beatrice shares the same attribute with Subaru which is why they're highly compatible in terms of being a spirit and contractor.
  • She used to rarely show up for dinner, but ever since Subaru arrived and after events of the demon beast incident, she has been showing up more frequently.
  • As a spirit she doesn't need to eat, but she does enjoy the pleasure of it.
  • Beatrice shares similaries to Odelia from Atelier Ayesha: Alchemist of Dusk:
    • Both are several centuries old.
    • Both reside in a library that contains high amounts of knowledge and are tasked with guarding it by their masters.
    • Both felt the isolation/loneliness of their duty and hope to one day be freed.
    • Both possess a stoic demeanor, but their emotions will pique when interested (Puck for Beatrice and sweets for Odelia).
    • Both were eventually able to outlive their purpose after meeting the main protagonist and will aid said character.

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