Beatrice is a character who appears in the episode "Mall Girl Pearl". She teaches Pearl how to be a grandma and runs a store called "Grandma's Apron".


She is light purple with white hair that contains yellow hair curlers and black eyes. She wears glasses, a orange shirt, a green wool coat, and green high heels.


She is nice and calm. She can also fight back when she wants to. When fighting, she uses something called, "Grandma Powers."


It is unknown whether or not Beatrice was born in Bikini Bottom or moved there, but she does have an image of her outside of Bikini Bottom.

When Beatrice was in school, some girls made fun of her.

In "Mall Girl Pearl," she looks fondly on Jonesy, suggesting that they had a friendly and possibly romantic relationship when they were younger.

She graduated from high school and went to a few locations in her youth, Two of which are Bikini Atoll and Atlantis.

Heroic Acts

In "Mall Girl Pearl," she owns a store in the Bikini Bottom Mall. After Pearl gets a job there, she comforts her after being teased by Nocturna, Marina, and Nixie.


  • Beatrice was designed after Vincent Waller's grandmother.
  • She was Voiced by Betty White


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