Beautifly is a Butterfly Pokemon who was good. It has it's opposite counterpart for Dustox. It Evolves from Silcoon at Level 10, after evolving from Wurmple at Level 7 (depending on the personality value).



Beautifly is a black-colored, butterfly-like Pokémon. It has the black slanted point extended on its head and a grayish face with a black proboscis. It has large, dark blue eyes, its face is light grayish in color. Beautifly's body has grayish, stubby, fingerless limbs with a white, egg-shaped underside/abdomen. Its wings are very large and colorful with yellow, blue and red spots. The lower part of the wings have pointed horns and long extensions. When shiny, its wings and its proboscis are purple and the spots on its wings are lighter tone color. Its head and body is brown and its face, limbs, and abdomen are lighter brown/orange.


Beautifly evolves from Silcoon when it reaches Level 10. It is one of the two final evolutions for Wurmple.

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