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Bedlam is a character from Marvel Comics.

In Deadpool 2, he was played by Terry Crews.


Deadpool 2

Bedlam responded to the announcement posted by Deadpool on Linkdin to join his new band "X-Force". Interrogated by Wade and Weasel, testing his powers, causing the pair to immediately put him in the squad. Along with the rest of the band's recruits, Bedlam was briefed on the first X-Force mission; to save Russell Collins from Cable, saving him from the prison convoy. On the plane, Bedlam met another X-Force member, Peter, who suggested not to jump because of the strong winds before he and his teammates jumped to Russell's rescue. However, the strong winds made Bedlam lose control of the parachute, which led him to collide on an oncoming bus, killing him immediately.

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