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In the land of the Narukami, centuries pass without change. Deep in the heart of the city lies the lofty abode of the Raiden Shogun. She looks down upon her realm, at mortal joys and woes, and sees a world mired in impermanence. By mighty lightning, she rules over the transience. Trivial yearning and petty passion. They vanish like a mist, but the Shogun pursues... unfettered and unperturbed eternity.
~ Yae Miko on Beelzebul.
Inazuma shines eternal!
~ Beelzebul using Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu
Oh, it's you too. It's been a while. The Shogun can't do much at the moment. Come straight in and see me.
~ Ei meeting the Traveler and Paimon after the civil war

Raiden Ei, also called Beelzebul or Baal and also known as the Electro Archon, the Raiden Shogun, the God of Eternity, and the Narukami Ogosho, is a major support playable character and the anti-heroic major antagonist of the 2020 action role-playing fantasy video game Genshin Impact.

The current Electro Archon and ruler of Inazuma, Beelzebul serves as the leader of the Inazuma Shogunate as the Raiden Shogun, responsible with the daily affairs of the nation. She had an older twin sister, Raiden Makoto who died 500 years ago (possibly killed by the Abyss Order) in the cataclysm of Khaenri'ah. Under the machinations of the Fatui, she enacted the Vision Hunt Decree, which was later abolished with the help of Yae Miko. With the abolishment, the Shogun returns all of the visions back to their rightful owners.

Beelzebul is voiced by Anne Yatco in English and by Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese. Yatco has also voiced Nobara Kugisaki in Jujutsu Kaisen. Sawashiro has also voiced Sinon in Sword Art Online, Mordred Pendragon in Fate, and Kyoko Honda in Fruits Basket.


The Raiden Shogun is an adult woman with long braided violet hair behind her back and a hairpin, which belonged to Beelzebul's twin sister, Raiden Makoto, on her right side. Her eyes are purple and she has a beauty mark underneath her right eye. She wears a small crimson ribbon on her neck as a choker and a dark-coloured bodysuit underneath her kimono. The sleeves of her bodysuit completely cover her arms and are looped over her middle fingers with golden rings to partly cover her palms and the top of her hands, and her nails are painted purple. Her kimono has an assortment of patterns in different shades of purple and crimson, along with a badge bearing the emblem of Inazuma tied to the front of her clothing below her right breast and a more elaborate emblem on a pauldron on her left shoulder. On the back of her outfit, she wears a crimson bow with tassels. She wears dark purple thigh-high stockings with small diamond openings at the top and high-heeled sandals; the one on the right is adorned with two pale violet flowers.

Unlike the other known Archons, she does not appear to wear a 'fake' vision, as none of the electro gems on her clothing appear in the shape of a typical Inazuman vision. Instead, all three of these emblems (one tied to her lower chest, another on the 'fan' on her back and another on her pauldron) all glow faintly when her elemental burst is charged, somewhat similar to how the Traveler's clothing glows.


A long time ago the Inazuma is made for the peacefully for eternity having believed the people will trust. But she lost her friends and including her twin sister Maokoto using the hatred for eternity during the war. She tragically becomes the puppet known as Shogun. During the event, she deals with Fatui to get all the visions known as Visions degree to hunt down all the people who have a vision.

In present, during the capture of Thomas, the Raiden shogun attempt to get his vision but suddenly he was the first to meet a traveler who needs to stop the vision however inside the Raiden shogun as Ei. After the battle, Raiden Shogun successfully defeats the traveler and kills him but Thoma rescues the traveler fleeing soon as possible, she tells Inazuma Shogunate to capture the traveler before they execute him/her. Inside the Domain, Raiden Shogun appears with La Signora having a duel with Traveler, however, she lost her battle and kills Signora but she asks the traveler to go outside alive. After the traveler arrived and meet with the watasumi army she attacks right behind the traveler then she had a final attack and, she vanishes and reappears, Traveler asks Raiden Shogun known as Ei what happen to Hunt's Vision Degree got to increase and includes dealing with Fatui, but there is no lives are only ones who insisted their own. During her battle continue with each other, but someone summons her inside. Yae Miko is the only one to stop Hunt Vision Degree that travelers will be helping them. After the battle, Raiden Ei lost her battle and told the truth about the past that was cruel to the people who treat and she finally made new friends. After the battle, the Hunt vision degree will no longer be able to use it ever again.

In the stories, her kind has a new place before like food, books, and the people. And she has a problem with the past and battles against the shogun herself, finally, she has the last goodbye to her twin sister. After even, she thanks the traveler for feeling free and never uses the puppet again.


Ei and her twin sister Makoto, known by their divine aliases Beelzebul and Baal respectively, ruled jointly over the nation Inazuma. Ei acted as the body double of her sister, assuming the role of Baal when it was needed but otherwise remaining in the shadows. As far as Inazuma's people were aware, there was only one God watching over them.

After Makoto died during the cataclysm that destroyed Khaenri'ah, Ei assumed the mantle of Baal and became the sole ruler of Inazuma. As the God of Eternity, Beelzebul sought to attain eternity for herself and Inazuma. In order to preserve her own mind, Ei created a puppet called the Raiden Shogun that would take her place in the real world while she retreated into her Plane of Euthymia where she could meditate for the rest of time.

Five hundred years after Makoto's death, the Raiden Shogun came under scrutiny after she introduced the Vision Hunt Decree that would demand all Vision bearers to hand over their Visions. Although Beelzebul initially supported the Shogun's decision, she was eventually convinced otherwise by her old friend Yae Miko and a Traveler who used the collective will of the people to defeat her.

Powers and Abilities

According to Kazuha, it is stated that the Shogun herself has the ability to control the nature itself much like the other Archons such as Venti and Zhongli who can reshape the land to their own bidding. Her ability to control the nature comes from the part when she is able to control the weather into becoming nothing but storms and rains just with the power of her mind. In addition to all of this, Beelzebul also mastered a sword technique known as "Musou no Hitotachi", which is a symbol of ultimate power and the pinnacle of her skill as she uses it towards the people that lost to a duel against her. In the trailer for Inazuma, it is shown that Beelzebul can extract a sword from her own chest.

  • Nigh-omnipotence: As a member of the Seven Archons, Beelzebul has near-limitless power. She possesses a wide array of near-omnipotent powers. During her boss fight, she is capable of disabling the player characters' elemental powers (except for the Traveler) due to her Vision Hunt Decree. Her godly physiology also attributes these powers.
    • Superhuman Strength: Beelzebul's strength exceeds greater than that of an average human. According to the stories, her vast powers has cut the serpent Orobashi into pieces, resulting in a rift that cleaved Yashiori Island into two known as the Musoujin Gorge, the concentrated Electro energy around the waters of the gorge was also a result from her finishing move.
    • Superhuman Durability: Due to her godly physiology, Beelzebul is superhumanly durable. She was never truly defeated until the Traveler uses the omamori given to her by Yae Miko which allows them to tap into the confiscated visions and effectively abolishing the Vision Hunt Decree, causing her to be defeated in the final duel at the Plane of Euthymia.
    • Superhuman Agility: Beelzebul is superhumanly agile, as attributed by her Electro abilities. She can swiftly dash through her enemies at insane speed as well as blink through them at will.
    • Umbrakinesis: She can manipulate the darkness and transport the Traveler through the Plane of Euthymia at will, her meditating place.
    • Electrokinesis: As the Electro Archon of Inazuma, Beelzebul can manipulate the power of electricity, posssessing a wide array of electric-related abilities. Her infamous yet peculiar ability is manifesting an Electro sword from her chest.
    • Weather Manipulation: Beelzebul can summon raging storms around the waters of Inazuma after establishing the Sakoku Decree.
  • Engineering Skills: Beelzebul has created a puppet clone of herself known as the "Raiden Shogun" who has a cold, stern personality. This puppet possessed a lot of her abilities. She has also created a prototype of the puppet prior who would later become known as "Scaramouche".
  • Swordsmanship / Master hand-to-hand combat: Beelzebul is a master hand-to-hand combatant especially in using katana. She uses her Musou no Hitotachi to deal the finishing blow against both Kazuha's friend and La Signora. She was also seen defeating Kujou Kamaji easily in a one-on-one duel as well the Traveler at the first confrontation.
  • Immortality: Upholding the ideal of Eternity, Beelzebul has also lived around thousands of years, and while she can die,she cannot age inside the Plane of Euthymia, where she resides.Note that if she does leave for a prolonged length of time, she is vulnerable to Erosion, which affects all long lived beings, such as Azhdaha, The Weekly Geo dragon boss that resides in Liyue.




  • Beelzebul's family name "Raiden" means "thunder and lightning" in Chinese and Japanese. Additionally, "Raiden" is another name for Raijin, the God of lightning and storms in Japanese mythology.
  • Raiden Ei is the only character in the game who cannot cook, both in a narrative and gameplay sense. By extension, she cannot create a special dish.
  • Raiden Ei is loosely based on the Honkai Impact 3rd character Raiden Mei, taking inspiration to the latter's character. Both characters are also voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in JP and by Juhuahua in CN.
  • She is number nine in "Top 10 Strongest Characters in Genshin Impact" and Number eight in "Top 10 Most Popular Genshin Impact Characters" in WatchMojo.

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