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Beingal is a character from Legend of the Dragon. She is the Guardian of the Temple of the Tiger. The Temple is hidden on an island far away, deep in the jungle behind a waterfall. The Temple is filled with Tiger statues down each side of the aisle. She is tough, and when is transformed, she can fire long nails from her hands to injure her enemies. She has fallen in love with Ang, and gets very angry when another girl wants to steal Ang away. She is seen to be pretty by all the other temple guardians, but Ang doesn't notice because he has always known her. Throughout the series, we get subtle hints that something is going to happen between her and Ang. To Powerup, Beingal must say, "Empower the Tiger". Her Powerband is green colour with a red/orange gemstone, gives her tiger stripes, lets her fire her tiger claws at her enemies and shoot green powerblasts.

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