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No matter how many kilometers away.. I’ll always find my way home.
~ Bella.

Bella is the main protagonist in the 2019 movie A Dog’s Way Home. She is a dog who lived from her childhood with cats until the days when she was adopted by human named Lucas. When she is separated from Lucas, Bella begins a long journey to find her human while living many meetings and experience she had never known before.

She was voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard, who also played Claire Dearing.


Like all dogs, Bella loves playing, she also loves snow. She has a fairly easy understanding of some human, easily knowing who is nice and mean or even very sad. She also has a lot of kindness and kindness in her heart, as when she took care of Big Kitty who had just lost her mother by keeping her warm at night and feeding her the best she could like Mother Cat did it for her.



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