Belleria is a mysterious girl who shows up in front of Chou-Chou and the party.

Who is later revealed as Chou-Chou's first friend and "rival"

Like Chou-Chou she has no recollection of the past.Her outside appearance may seem mysterious but on the contrary she has a calm and ditzy personality.

Just like Chou-Chou, Belleria also has the ability to turn things into her peons but she gathers them for her own special purpose and it becomes quite troublesome for Chou-Chou and the team. However her ability causes any with the amount of power to resist becoming a shampuru to become violent and destructive.

But unlike Chou-Chou she never abides by any morals and turned an entire village in to her black shampurus (water world)

Any shampurus she created would be eaten by her "father" Vorgis


She appears to be wearing a red and black frilly dress and appears carrying a book though she never actually uses it. Her hair is long and white and her eyes are red similar to that of a demon


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