Younger Eon

Ben-Eon, or alternatively speaking EonBen, is a character and minor antagonist turned anti-hero from the movie Ben 10: Race Against Time. He is an acquired form of Ben Tennyson from the DNA of the original Eon.


he's name comes from a type of temporal magnitude, which is used to represent large spaces of time although in Latin it is pronounced Eon and not Ion. Its denomination in such a way, is because he manipulates these electronic particles.


Ben-Eon is a humanoid alien with robotic hands of lilac color (They are gloves with mechanized appearance), this one has a black chest with 4 purple circuits and a black suit, like a robe and with boots, this is a copy of the original Eon, That if younger and without a helmet, with black hair the helmet is activated with a button.


  • Ben-Eon technically was not evil per se, But was manipulated/possessed by the original Eon.
  • According to Eon, this form can not be used again. His DNA was absorbed so that it did not mix with Ben's and was absorbed from Ben's enemy: Eon. Even so, according to Dwayne McDuffie, the Croner DNA is available in the current Coldon.
  • Technically speaking, Ben never named this alien when he became the Omnitrix, this is because he never mixed with Ben's DNA so he could control it. Interestingly, Eon is said to this alien, but because the villain was called that, not because Ben has given him that name.
  • He is one of Ben's most powerful aliens, after Alien X and before Clockwork, for stopping time.
  • According to a book called All About Ben 10 he is named Ben-Eon.
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