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Otis, a strong man stands up for himself. A stronger man, stands up for others.'
~ Ben to Otis

Ben is a character from the movie Barnyard. He was the father of Otis.

He was the leader of the animals at the farm when the farmer wasn't around but would wish for Otis to mature and eventually succeed him.

One day Ben came across the chickens home and saw Dag and his coyote pack preparing to kill some of the chickens. A fight starts between Ben and the coyotes and during the battle, he is bitten in the leg by Dag but still fights on. He is successful at forcing Dag and the coyotes to retreat but is fatally wounded and eventually dies in Otis's arms. He is then buried by the farmer with his gravestone say "Ben, A Good Cow".

His death is eventually avenged by Otis at the end of the film where he defeats Dag and the coyotes and becomes the new leader of the farm animals.

He is voiced by Sam Elliot.




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