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Now get the hell down in the cellar. You can be the boss down there, I'm boss up here!
~ Ben.

Ben is the main protagonist of the late George A. Romero's Night of The Living Dead. Ben was played by the late Duane Jones, and Tony Todd in the remake who is most famous as Candyman.

He is first seen pulling into the farmhouse running into Barbara. He doesn't want her to go back out to save her brother Johnny since he’s dead and doesn’t want her to get killed so he knocks her out, strips her out of her jacket and shoes and straps her down to the couch with her back laying down on it.

He then meets Tom, Judy and The Coopers. Harry argues that they should go into the cellar but Ben and Tom refuse and decided to stay upstairs to fight and look for help. Later on Ben had a plan to escape but the plan backfired when the truck exploded and Tom and Judy died in it. The Zombies later on started to break in. Harry and Ben fought over the gun. Ben retrieved it and shot Harry. Then he boxed himself in the cellar and so far was safe. The Rescue Team came next morning. They thought he was a Zombie and shot him upon sight and he was cremated.


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