Ben Ali Gator

Ben Ali Gator is a character from the 1940 feature film Fantasia. He is an alligator who appears in the segment Dance of the Hours.



In the segment Dance of the Hours, Ben Ali Gator takes the role of Enzo Grimaldo, a Genoese prince. He is also the leader of the Dancers of the Night. This is deduced by the fact that he meets and falls in love with Hyacinth Hippo (who symbolizes Laura Adorno), and furthermore the flinging aside of his cape (symbolizing Enzo flinging aside his disguise upon discovery of Laura's body).

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

Ben Ali and his gator accomplices were part of Minnie Mouse's skating routine. They are later seen in traditional artwork during the end credits. In this film, Ben Ali does not appear to be wearing his red cape from Fantasia.

House of Mouse

Ben Ali made numerous minor cameos in the series often seen in crowd shots sitting with Hyacinth.

Disney Parks

Ben Ali can be found in several spots but not as a meetable character whatsoever. Some statues can be found at the Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf in Walt Disney World. Ben Ali and Hyacinth can be seen in the Main Street Electrical Parade and in Fantasmic!'s bubble sequence.


  • Though he is named "Ben Ali Gator" and his name therefore indicates that he's an alligator, he looks more like a crocodile. He has a narrow snout, and his bottom teeth also stick out when his mouth is closed.


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Ben Ali Gator
Ben Ali Gator

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